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Poetry Analysis- Katy Perry Firework

No description

alexia rhooms

on 14 June 2016

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Transcript of Poetry Analysis- Katy Perry Firework

The Deeper Meaning behind Firework
A firework is an device that contains combustible chemicals that causes a spectacular explosion when ignited. It is not easily visible during the night time until its is shot into the sky and displays a shower of vibrant lights and immense sounds. Katy Perry utilizes this object's characteristics to represent the true meaning behind inner beauty. Therefore, Katy compares these characteristics to people who are significantly isolated by the community around them to set off their own firework. Katy embrace’s the message in regards to each and every one of us is extremely unique. There is no differentiation between one of us. Everyone is special in their own unique way. Therefore, the powerful meaning behind this beautiful song is to showcase how critical it is to have people not try so difficult to fit in, and as individuals we are all able to shine on our own and be proud of who we are. Katy thoroughly expresses for those to embrace their flaws and to not be afraid to be who you truly are. This embraces self empowerment for those who considerably have a low self esteem. Fireworks are generally a burst of many colors. The songwriter pinpoints on the concept of showcasing your true colors. The phrase “true colors” refers to an individual's true character as opposed to what might be portrayed to others. Hence, this song specifically speaks upon the pride of oneself rather than what others think about you. Insecurity and flaws play a major role in holding individuals back from their dreams and opportunities. Katy Perry’s purpose for writing Firework is because she thoroughly does not believe in people being held back from what they are truly capable of. Katy told MTV, “I really do believe in people, and I believe that people have a spark to be a firework”. Katy also spoke at the MTV Europe Music Awards and said, “ It’s just up to them, and a lot of times it’s only us that’s standing in the way of reaching our goals, fulfilling our destinies, being the best version of who we possibly can be, so that’s why I wrote it.” This quote thoroughly touches on the details on the definite purpose of Katy’s choice to write this song.

Deeper Meaning Behind Firework (Continued)
People worldwide go through a variety of obstacles each and every day. There are certain individuals that have different perspectives on society as a whole. This can be taken negatively or positively. The negative side can turn to people being tremendously affected physically and emotionally. For example, being gay or bi-sexual, a different race, gender, etc. Katy expresses that no matter what role you are partaking, no one should be excluded from society. The feeling of not belonging can have an intensive toll on an individual's emotions. Personally, I felt I did not fit in in my high school environment because of my body type. I felt isolated. I felt eyes all over staring at me because I was different. This triggered a significant amount of negative emotions. No one should feel isolated. In my eyes, everyone should be considered equal and everyone is extremely unique in their own way. Katy Perry expresses this in her song Firework. She utilizes a variety of questions, to address the negative emotions individuals encounter. For example, “ Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin like a house of cards, one blow from caving in?” This touches to an individual's inner feeling while listening to the song. It allows them to picture their moments of isolation and hurt.But, throughout the bridge and chorus the lyrics become positive and the music becomes upbeat. This progresses to the chorus of speaking to individuals telling them they are a true firework and they should let it shine because everyone is special no matter the differentiation between one another.Therefore, this sets the tone and attitude of the song being truly passionate and positive. Katy speaks upon all the positives of being yourself which points to those individuals who are feeling sincerely down about who they are. This all collects to the theme of the song, which is to be truly proud of who you are as an individual.

Firework Lyrics
" To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment"
-Ralph Waldo Emerson


by Katy Perry
By: Alexia Rhooms
Do you ever feel like a plastic bag
Drifting through the wind
Wanting to start again

Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin
Like a house of cards
One blow from caving in

Do you ever feel already buried deep
Six feet under scream
But no one seems to hear a thing

Do you know that there's still a chance for you
Cause there's a spark in you

You just gotta ignite the light
And let it shine
Just own the night
Like the Fourth of July

Cause baby you're a firework
Come on show 'em what you're worth
Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh!"
As you shoot across the sky-y-y

Firework Lyrics Continued
Baby you're a firework
Come on let your colors burst
Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh!"
You're gonna leave 'em falling down-own-own

You don't have to feel like a waste of space
You're original, cannot be replaced
If you only knew what the future holds
After a hurricane comes a rainbow

Maybe you're reason why all the doors are closed
So you could open one that leads you to the perfect road
Like a lightning bolt, your heart will blow
And when it's time, you'll know

You just gotta ignite the light
And let it shine
Just own the night
Like the Fourth of July

Cause baby you're a firework
Come on show 'em what you're worth
Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh!"
As you shoot across the sky-y-y

Baby you're a firework
Come on let your colors burst
Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh!"
You're gonna leave 'em all in awe-awe-awe"

Boom, boom, boom

Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon
It's always been inside of you, you, you
And now it's time to let it through

Cause baby you're a firework
Come on show 'em what your worth

Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh!"
As you shoot across the sky-y-y

Baby you're a firework
Come on let your colors burst
Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh!"
You're gonna leave 'em all in awe-awe-awe

Firework Lyrics Continued
Literary Devices
Literary Devices (Continued)
How is "Firework" a poem?
Poetry is a literal work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm. Poets generally compose poetry to express certain emotions, beliefs, past experiences, values. They utilize this form of art to showcase their perspectives. This can allow the audience to reconnect with their own perception. Firework is considered a poem because Katy's message is clear: Be who you are despite what others think of you, however it is general enough for readers to connect their own experiences to the work. Katy told Entertainment Weekly," "Its message has been really profound. I still love singing the song because it's not cheesy but it does its job. I feel like that song has legs." The writer utilized a variety of figurative language. Figurative language is an effective way of communicating an idea that is easily not understood due to its abstract nature. This draws the audience's attention and is used to elicit mood to provide mental images to those reading, listening, etc. The song Firework definitely provides these mental images, because of the many similes, metaphors, hyperbole, and other rich
literary devices.
Katy Perry - Firework
Ever since I was a little girl, I have been very insecure. I always felt out of place. In every environment I stepped in, I felt my body type was significantly different than others. I used to despise myself. I never had the confidence to be my true self, I constantly thought I was just going to be judged. Firework reflects on individuals who are consistently fighting their inner conscience to be themselves. I chose this song for my analysis because it matched my past experiences perfectly. Katy Perry's goal for this song is to target those who have no belief in themselves to become bigger than they are. This includes ignoring all the negativity, and showcasing their true colors. I adored the deep message behind this song and the mental image it created for myself while listening. Katy told the MTV Europe Awards : " I really believe in people and I believe that people have a spark to be a firework". The song writer's purpose for composing this song is to provide the clear message of that its definitely ourselves who keep us standing in the way of our accomplishments. Therefore, becoming the best version of ourselves is the path to go down. I admire Katy for this song specifically. This is because, the empowering message will have an influence on those worldwide. There are different individuals worldwide who are trying to overcome a variety of obstacles and sometimes an inspiration especially from a known artist can have a significant impact.
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