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The Sea Devil by Arthur Gordon

No description

Kyle Costello

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of The Sea Devil by Arthur Gordon

"The Sea Devil" by Arthur Gordon
By:Nicole Paul, Molly Brown, Ron Teel, and Kyle Costello

The basic situation and conflict in the story is when the man tries to avoid getting eaten by the "sea devil" when he decides to go fishing.
Protagonist: The protagonist, or the main character in the story is the man.

Antagonist: The antagonist, or the opposing force in the story is the "sea devil."

Secondary: None
Place: The story takes place at an ocean located in Florida.

Time Period: The time peroid is current. It takes place in late september.

Rising Action
The man goes fishing
The man's hand gets caught around the net.
Then he gets dragged down by the ray.
The climax of the story is when the man has to avoid getting eaten when he gets dragged down by the ray/ "sea devil."
Falling Action
Man realizes he has only one shot to get uncaught from the net
He then panics and tries as hard as he can to get uncaught from the net.
The resolution of the story is when the man becomes free and uncaught from the net.
The theme of the story is to be prepared for the worst.
Literary Elements:
Figurative Language
Example: The man expects a normal time fishing, but the unexpected happens.

Irony of Situation
"For five minutes he paddled. Then twenty feet ahead of the skiff, a mullet jumped. A big fish close to three pounds.

Literary Elements:
Elements of Character
The methods used to present the personality of a character in a narrative.

Direct Characterization:
When someone that says something right from the story.
Example: "He was in his late twenties wide shouldered and strong." Page 30.

Indirect Characterization:
Characterizaion that is harder to understand; more symbolic and more abstract.

The opposing force in the story; the bad guy in the story.
Example: In "The Sea Devil", the ray/'sea devil" is tha antagonist in the story.

The main character in the story.
Example: The man is the main character in the story.

Dynamic Character:
A character who changes by the end of the story.
Example: The man changes at the end of the story because at the beginning of the story, he didn't know that you shouldn't go fishing at night.

Elements of Character
2 quotes of direct characterization:

"He was in his late twenties wide shouldered and strong."

"When he came out, he was wearing swimming trunks and a pair of old running shoes. Nothing else."
Plot Diagram
Elements of Plot
Summary Paragraph
The Sea Devil by Arthur Gordon is about a twenty year old man who doesn't have much experience about fishing, but goes anyways. A net gets caught on his wrist and an X-ray pulls him under water. He struggles to breathe, and eventually gets free.
Character Description
1. The twenty year old man-
Adjectives: Adventourus, passionate, courageous, outgoing, and optimistic.

2. The "sea devil" or the ray -
Adjectives: aggressive, scary, angry, mean, and ferocious.
The important plot elements of the story are when the man tries to fight off the ray/"sea devil". That is an important plot element because that's the main conflict of the story. Another plot element in the story was when the ray/'sea devil" was getting closer to eating the man. Then the man had to avoid getting eaten. That was the climax or the peak moment in the story.
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