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Who Is Paul Blink?

An Introduction To The World of Paul Blink

segun oguntola

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of Who Is Paul Blink?

DIGITAL OUTREACH FOR YOUNG PEOPLE PAUL BLINK What's your favourite TV drama? Eastenders?
Coronation Street? What if you're a young person? Hollyoaks maybe? Do these shows tackle issues that effect young people in their local community? What if you could give a group of young people a
chance to write TV drama? What if you could commission young people
to produce drama as part of a popular series that communicated important messages your organisation is trying to get to young people?

Imagine the production was part of a popular
drama series that could be seen World Wide? A production that gives local young people the opportunity to learn skills that could further their careers A lasting record... ... a tangible
outcome and learning resource A production by young people for young people
that tackles all the
issues affecting their generation Welcome to the world of... A production that Works in partnership with young people and stakeholders Schools,Voluntary, Statutory Organisations and the private sector Question? A sign post
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