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Ryan Sheckler

A interest research project done by Shalyn Jacobs

s. j.

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Ryan Sheckler

Project done by: Shalyn Jacobs Ryan Sheckler Why research Ryan Sheckler? I chose to research Ryan Sheckler
because he is one of my favorite
pro skateboarders. Ryan Sheckler is pretty interesting because he won his first X-games at the age of 13 making him the youngest person to win gold in the men's street contest. Why go pro? Ryan Sheckler first put his foot on a board at
4 years old. By age 7 he could skate on ramps.
He decided to go pro at age 12 and trained for
a year until he made his 1st pro appearance at the
2003 X-games at age 13. Sheckler has 10 sponsors total which are... Sponsors P-Rod a.k.a. Paul Rodriquez, Tony Hawk, Danny Way, John Cardiel, Josh Kalis and Rob Dyrdek. He's always watched them on
T.V. and liked the way they skated. Who Influenced You To
Skateboard? Why? Sheckler has won the World Cup of Skateboarding National Street Championship and many medals in other competitions such as the X-games. In 2003 he was the
youngest skater to win the Mens Street
at the X-games. Contest and Awards The most surprising thing I found out about Ryan Sheckler was that he didn't like skateboarding the first time he tried it. But one day his neighbor bet that he couldn't go faster than him down a hill. Ryan won and ever since then he brought his own board and started skating on his own. Once he got good enough he started entering amateur contest and later went pro at age 12. Most Surprising Thing Sheckler says he prefers to compete in street because there are lots of obstacles and a time limit which makes it challenging. His 1st trick he learned was the ollie but not even 3 days after he learned the kickflip. Street or Vert and
1st Trick Sheckler had a major concussion from
not landing a jump on the Dew Action Sports Tour in 2006.
It's the most serious injury he has had
in his career. He's also broken his left
arm 10 times. Injuries
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