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CCSF Presentation

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Julian Prentice

on 15 October 2015

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Transcript of CCSF Presentation

Information Production Timeline
UCLA Biomedical Library
Information Costs and Pricing
Scholars research and write articles, papers, studies, books, etc.
Journals/Publishers package and sell the work of scholars.
Database companies index and abstract articles to make them easier to find and use.
This is where we come in. Libraries buy books and subscriptions to journals and databases for you to use in your research.
Journal Pricing
2015 Honda Civic MSRP: $18,290
Database Pricing
Information Cycle
Why are we here??
A database in the UCLA Management Library costs $21,000 a year. The same database costs $100,000 for a corporate consumer!
So why do databases cost so much and what do we get?
No ads
Vetted sources
Powerful discovery tools
Articles are assigned subjects for easy access.
Summaries are provided to help you determine if the content is relevant to your search.
Find similar articles helps you find related sources
Invisible Web vs. Search Engines
Google searches 30 trillion web pages...
Invisible web includes...
Proprietary databases i.e: Travelocity, Gap, other corporations
Academic Search Elite, CINAHL, Literature Resource Center, Proquest GenderWatch, etc...
Government Websites i.e: Dept of Justice, Dept of Education, etc.
So how about Wikipedia?
$27,465 per year!
You'd need 24,000,000 4GB thumb drives to store all those pages!
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