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Division Dash

No description

Amy Slade

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Division Dash

Everyday Math Division Dash Materials needed: Stretch yourself: 1 deck of Everyday Math cards for each pair of students. (take out 0's and 10's)
Score sheet per pair.
White board and marker per player. (optional)
Calculator for checking arithmetic. Shuffle the cards.
Each player turns over 3 cards.
Create a division problem by using the 2 cards on the left as your dividend, and the 3rd card as your divisor. How to play: Divide the two digit number by the 1 digit number and record your quotient.
Remainders are ignored in this game.
Your quotient becomes your score.

ex: 39/7 = 5 r4
Record 5 as your score for round 1. Next: Deal another 3 cards and solve the equation.
Add the quotient to your score from the previous round.
Deal 3 cards again, solve the equation and record your points.
Play continues until a player reaches 100 points. Keep going: Deal 5 cards and make a 4 digit dividend and a 1 digit divisor. Play to 1000.
Deal 5 cards and make a 3 digit dividend and a 2 digit divisor. Play to 500.
Round the remainder. If it rounds up, you get (?) extra points. If it rounds down, you lose (?) points. (You decide the points!)
Have Fun!!
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