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Human Cheek Cell DNA Extraction Lab

No description

johnny appleseed

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Human Cheek Cell DNA Extraction Lab

Safety and Precautions
1. Do not handle anyone's materials except your own
2. Immediately dispose of paper cups when you're done using them
3. Don't drink anything given to you in this lab except for the water you were given
4. Listen to the teachers instructions very carefully
5. Dispose of the pipettes when done using them.
6. Wash the beakers when you're done using them.
1. Put the saltwater in your mouth and violently swish it around for about a minute and rub your tongue around your cheeks, but
do not drink the saltwater

2. Spit the saltwater into the plastiv vup.
3. Pour 5mL of soap solution in the cup
4. Pour the substances in the plastic cup into the beaker.
5. Use the pipette to pour the alcohol into the beaker. (fill the pipette about 6 times)

The purpose of this lab was to extract DNA from our cheek cells.
Procedure Continued
6. Let the substances in the beaker sit for about 2 minutes
7. Then slowly mix the liquids in the beaker with your pipette until you see the white cloud like substances mixing around.
8. Use the pipette and try your best to get all the white cloud like substance (your DNA) into the pipette
9. Then get the test tube with the lid and pour whats in the pipette into the tube and close the lid.
10. The white stuff in the test tube is your DNA, and you have just successfully executed this lab. Congratulations.
What is DNA?
DNA is deoxyriboenucleic acid. It is composed of 4 base pairs of Adenine, Guanine, Thymine, and Cytosine. It is a double helix shape and has a Sugar Phosphate backbone. DNA can make copies of itself.
Human Cheek Cell DNA Extraction Lab
Alex H
Kareen T

30mL 1% Salt Solution
5mL Soap Solution (25%)
30mL Cold Ethyl Alcohol (Above 90% is good)
Test tube with lid
Plastic Cup
Any type of drinking water
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