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Brian and Edvin presentation of colonial Massachusetts

No description

lib hist

on 26 October 2016

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Transcript of Brian and Edvin presentation of colonial Massachusetts

The English church began the punishing of the puritans ( A group that wanted to purify, or reform, the Anglican church). There were economic problems in England and many people lost their jobs. King Charles I made it worse by raising taxes. This act led to a political crisis. This began the Great Migration between 1629 and 1640. Charles granted a group of Puritans and merchants a charter to settle in New England.
The reason it was founded
John Winthrop was born in 1588 in a middle class family. He worried about England's economic trouble, rising population, and persecution of puritans. He sought to go to Massachusetts when he arrived to the state he was elected governor of the puritans.
It was founded by the Pilgrims who landed near the Boston area. They settled there but after a harsh winter, half of the pilgrims died. They were taught to plant corn by the Native Americans. Then they celebrated with a feast, which became known as Thanksgiving.
Boston became the site of two important revolutionary events, the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party. Two important events that would set in motion the American Revolution.
Colonial History Brief
Types of Economy and People Living in Massachusetts
Political Officials
British Pounds
Types of Religion
Puritans- People who want to purify the Anglican church.
By Brian and Edvin
Why should you come here
First school of higher education, Harvard university.
Boston harbor because it is one of the largest harbors in the colonies.
For every township of 50 people there must be a public school.
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