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Clashes and Collisions: Our Sharpeville

No description

Sophia Miller

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Clashes and Collisions: Our Sharpeville

STRUCTURE there is none! woohoo!
time for a study break? imagery -similes, metaphors, personification
interesting words - 'maulers' graphic and infers sexual violence WORDS TONE Secrecy, fear and suspicion Biblical imagery biblical imagery
ideas of conflict
difference between blacks and whites
secrecy, fear and suspicion REPEATED IDEAS AND WORDS Ingrid de Kok OUR SHARPEVILLE fairly regular stanzas
each shows a different idea - for example the desert oasis followed by the direct contrast to pools of blood and violent reality as the interrupted dream represents the child's broken innocence RHYTHM AND RHYME confused
condemns racism etc but keeps outside view as from child's eyes
reader has to work out evidence of discrimination for themself
empathetically shows society of constant fear, tension and suspicion
Grandmother's lie represents the whole white community - wants to separate self from trouble and unfair to black people the girl is religious - 'Bible texts', 'sunday school' - shows she is wealthy
2nd stanza v. positive idealistic imagery
'oasis', 'deep jade pool', 'silver stars'
shows how little girl innocently sees things - before outside influence
contrasts with reality 1960s South Africa
police shot peaceful protesters who were protesting against apartheid and the Pass laws that restricted non-whites' rights
society rife w/conflict
young white girl (poet) sees protesters and trucks driving past
she is told by her family that they are bad people ABOUT Conflict lots of juxtaposition in poem
girl suddenly confronted with reality and made to think of violent images 'they do things to little girls'
mention of blood - 'a pool of blood', 'hot arteries'
family/internal conflict as girl torn between opinions 'drawn tightly'
'locked yard'
'closed rooms'
girl suspects her grandmother of lying and shows signs of being ashamed and afraid Metaphor 'her voice a stiff broom'
rasped, breaks into dream, harsh reality
starts conflict between child/grandmother's lie Simile 'like a great caravan moving across the desert to an oasis'biblical imagery, innocent, desert place of calm serenity (see repeated ideas) Personification 'a pool of blood that already had a living name'
juxtaposes with jade pool from dream
shows how society surrounded by confict ALLITERATION of course not, you've probably been procrastinating all day anyway - so moving on... no rhymes, more like prose
some onomatopoeia - 'roared'
sense of pentameter in stanza 1
in 1st few stanzas longer sentences calming
shorter towards end to build sense of conflict and tension
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