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Janazah Prayer Islamic Studies Project

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Ayesha Asad

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Janazah Prayer Islamic Studies Project

Muslim Burial Rituals
Muslims believe death is a departure from this life to another eternal life. When the soul leaves the body, the corpse will be nothing but flesh and bone. The body will be prepared for the burial and funeral. After it is lowered into the ground, the body's life on earth has ended and life in the grave had begun.
Allah said in the Quran:
Every soul shall taste death (29: 57)
A person should encourage the dying muslim to say "La illaha illallah" so that it may be his/her last words. After the muslim dies, Salat ul Janazah must be performed in a certain manner. Here are five steps showing how to prepare for and perform Salat ul Janazah.
Salat ul Janazah is very different from a regular prayer. It is performed entirely while standing. The people line up in rows and the imam starts the prayer with the right intention. A person's hands must be in the same position as standing in a regular prayer (left hand on top of chest and right on top of left). There are four "Allahu Akbars" in the funeral prayer.
Funeral Procession
The funeral should be silent. There are a few rules concerning what not to do during the Janazah:
1.No screaming and yelling
2. No hitting oneself
3. No playing musical instruments
4. No distributing cigarettes or alcohol
5. No building tombs or structures on the grave
6. Everyone should wear appropriate clothing
7. Do not arrange for very fancy and expensive funerals and/or graves
8. Don't read the Quran during the funeral.
9. No placing the body in a coffin

The grave should be deep and easy to fit the corpse into. The body should be laid on the right side, facing the Qiblah. One dua'a that a person makes while placing the body in the grave is:
Islamic Ruling
When a Muslim dies, Salat ul Janazah becomes obligatory on all the muslims in the area. Once a person (or more) performs the prayer over the dead body, that obligation is removed. Anyone who attends the Salat ul Janazah will gain great rewards.
A hadeeth narrated by Abu Hurayrah states that Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) said, “Whoever attends a funeral procession till he offers funeral prayer for it, will get a reward equal to one Qirat; and whoever accompanies it till burial will get a reward equal to two Qirat.” It was asked, “What are two Qirat?” He replied, “Great rewards like two huge mountains.”الله عنهرضي الله ع
Salat ul Janazah
Step 1
Body Washing (Ghusul)
The first step towards preparing for the funeral is to wash the body. A person starts with the words "Bismillah" before the washing. Only water and soap are allowed. Women must wash a woman's body and men must wash a man's body. A child's body may be washed by euther a male or a female. Private parts should be covered.
After the washing, the body should be wrapped completely and properly in a clean white piece of cloth. Silk is not allowed for men. A man's body must be covered with three pieces of cloth, while a woman's body with five.
Step 2
Wrapping (Kafan)
Step 3
After the first "Allahu Akbar" is made, the mourners recite Surat ul Fatihah silently.
When the second cry glorifying Allah is made,
everyone recites Salat ul Ibraheemiyyah (recited after the Tashahud in Fard salah). It is optional whether to raise hands or not with the "Allahu Akbar."
The third "Allahu Akbar" will be made, and a dua'a should be recited for both the dead person and the Muslims around the world
The final "Allahu Akbar" concludes the Janazah prayer and the imam then ends with the tasleem.
"In the name of Allah and according to the way of Rasoolullah (SAW)"
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5) Islamic Studies Book: Learning Islam 2
The End
Ayesha Asad
7th grade
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