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Defining the API Economy

No description

Craig Burton

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of Defining the API Economy

The API Economy
What is an "API?"
API Economy
API Economy is the term used to describe the ecosystem being used by organizations to programatically interact with each other on the Internet
Any group of people with an objective
Ecosystem engaged in the usage of information and resources through programmatic interfaces
API = acronym for "application program interface"
Interaction between two applications
a human (i.e. forms)
Interaction between two applications
a human (i.e. M2M)
Example APP (browser) to APP (Facebook) with user interaction
App to App with no human interaction
Application to Application with User Interaction
Traditional API Design
Most Common API occurence
Will continue to be prevelant
Application to Application with no User Interaction
Often called M2M (Machine to Machine)
Growing API segment
Will continue to grow significantly
IoT, Mobile and API Economy itself will fuel this segment
API Interaction
Application to Application with User Interaction
Application to Application with no User Interaction
API Ecosystem
Organizations act as API publishers or subscribers or both
The mesh of publishers and subscribers make up the API Ecosystem
Benefits to organizations for publishing and consuming APIs
Automate existing business and relationship processes
Expand to new business and relationship opportunities
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