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Marijuana Effects

No description

S. Peterson

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Marijuana Effects

Drugs and Their Effects on the Human Body
The effects of marijuana
on the body

T. Saffer
T. Monks
Marijuana can cause trouble with learning and memory loss.
health effects of marijuana on the heart
How marijuana effects the brain
-impairs the ability to form new memories
-disrupts coordination and balance
The effects on the
heart is it causes
lower blood
pressure, and higher
heart rate.
Marijuana is a drug that is very addicting.
Marijuana can damage the respiratory system. Even the second hand smoke from Marijuana can cause damage to the respiratory system. It also causes glassy eyes, redness to the eyes, your heart to race, and your blood pressure drops. It can make you loose interests and cause you to get into a heavier drug. That is why it is called the gateway drug.
Marijuana can affect your whole body
-kill brain cells
THC is the addicting chemical in marijuana.
Within a few minutes after smoking marijuana, the heart begins beating more rapidly and the blood pressure drops. Marijuana can cause the heart beat to increase by 20 to 50 beats per minute, and can increase even more if other drugs are used at the same time.
-damages your lungs
The effects of marijuana on the body can do a great deal of harm. Marijuana can slow the bodies reflexes and can also destroy brain cells and cause cancer.
-makes you lose interest
There are many parts to the marijuana leaf
This is Marijuana
-bloodshot eyes
If used correctly Marijuana can be helpful to the body by helping with things such as, Tourette-Syndrome, appetite loss, weight loss, nausea, depression, HIV-infection, migraines, asthma, back pain, hepatitis C, sleeping disorders, epilepsy, spasticity, headaches, alcoholism, glaucoma, disk prolapse, spinal cord injury, as well as improving the well being of cancer patients
These are some signs
pot is bad it
makes your lung black
Smoking marijuana causes damage to the lungs.
-your heart rate raises
Marijuana if prescribed by a doctor can be used as a cancer treatment, a migraine or headache medicine, etc.
It is said to give "good" feeling and fight off mental health issues.
Marijuana has many bad effects on the brain and body.
Marijuana kills brain cells with the chemicals in the smoke.
This is what happens when u decide to smoke.
-your blood pressure drops
How marijuana effects the lungs
•Daily cough and phlegm production
•More frequent acute chest illnesses
•Increased risk of lung infections
•Obstructed airways

Marijuana is BAD!
Smoke of any kind can cause respiratory damage. Even second-hand marijuana smoke.
How marijuana effects the heart
-smoking marijuana increases the heart rate 20 to 50 beats per second
-this makes it 4 times more likely to have a heart attack after smoking
The unfiltered smoke of marijuana is extremely bad for a person.
Marijuana makes the user more vulnerable to infections.
Smoking marijuana can also cause damage to the immune system.
Marijuana messes with the hormones in people and can cause problems such as infertility.
Marijuana can cause heart rate to speed up to an extremely high level.
Some of the effects of marijuana on the brain are increased levels of dopamine. The user may have slower reflexes. The user may also have the paranoia.
Other health risks
-marijuana can weaken the immune system greatly
-it also increases the chance of forming bacterial tumors
Marijuana can cause you to flat line.
Pregnancy problems

•Altered responses to visual stimuli
•Increased tremulousness
•Problems with sustained attention and memory
•Poor problem-solving skills

Marijuana users who have taken large doses of the drug may experience an acute psychosis.
The risk of having a heart attack increases 4-5 times on the first of hour of smoking Marijuana. It also kills braincells. Marijuana may increase depression and anxiety. It can impair memory and learning skills. A high amount of marijuana taken into the body can also cause hallucinations and the lose of personal identity. A long term effect of the drug is it could weaken your lungs to were you are not able to fight off infections in the lungs.
Marijuana can cause sleepless nights and insomnia.
Marijuana use impairs a person's ability to form new memories (see below) and to shift focus. THC also disrupts coordination and balance by binding to receptors in the cerebellum and basal ganglia—parts of the brain that regulate balance, posture, coordination, and reaction time. Therefore, learning, doing complicated tasks, participating in athletics, and driving are also affected.
Here are some of the effects on the brain.
The picture below shows what marijuana does to the body
Marijuana can also cause depression of used improperly.
this is what happen
when your body on drug
these are all of the
Marijuana is bad for the body.
10 facts about marijuana
ealth effects of marijuana on the brain.
dont make stupid decisions/dont tke advantage of what they give you
1. Roughly, 750,000 get arrested for smoking marijuana
each year.
2. Most marijuana users never use any other illicit drug.
3. increasing admissions for treatment are a reflection of the criminal justice system's predominant role.
4. Marijuana potency is not related to risk of dependence or health impacts.
5. Marijuana can be good for mental health.
6. Marijuana can be protective against the formation of cancer.
7.Marijuana has been proven helpful for treating medical conditions.
8.Rates of marijuana use among young people tend to decrease when a state adopts medical marijuana.
9. Marijuana does not cause long-term cognitive impairment in adult users.
10. there is no compelling evidence that marijuana contributes substantially to traffic accidents.
Marijuana is a drug that is usually smoked to achieve a high. Unfortunately this drug has negative side effects. One side effect is lung damage or lung cancer. Marijuana can also increase the chances of the user to become infertile.
when you inhale marijuana some affects are blood shot eyes ,bags under eyes, your brain will process every thing slower
If used incorrectly Marijuana can be very damaging to the body. Marijuana users who have taken large doses of the drug may experience an acute psychosis, which includes hallucinations, delusions, and a loss of the sense of personal identity.
Marijuana Physical Effects
Above is how THC connects
with the brain.
THC can affect short term memory, no coordination, learning, and problem solving
To the left is a marijuana plant.
pot can kill you but it can also help you with pan you have only if a Dr. pirveds a note that tale you that he recursions you take this
marijuana effects the brain by destroying brain cells, your memory will e lost,brain development,thinking, concentrating, sensory and time perceptions, and coordinated movement.
when people smoke they think it will go away, but they are all wrong when you smoke marijuana even when your not high you will still have all of the bad chemicls in you brain and body.
A sign that someone is using
marijuana is that they may
have paranoia and have troubles aspiring to their goals. Users may also have bloodshot eyes, lack of coordination, and may become drowsy.
If not used in a proper manner it can cause minor lung damage.
Marijuana is toxic.
health effects of marijuana on the lungs
If you smoke marijuana when you are pregnant or around a baby that baby could have birth defects or grow up to have a disability.
this is what happens to babby that mom or dad that on drugs
Several studies have found that children born to mothers who used marijuana during
pregnancy exhibit some
problems with neurological

The effects on the brain are pleasure,
memory, thought, concentration,
sensory and time perception, and
coordinated movement

The effect on
the lungs are
stinging of the mouth and throat.
Also there is heavy coughing.
Marijuana is a plants whose leaves, buds, and flowers are usually smoked for their intoxicating effects.
Marijuana makes the eyes red, it can cause dryness, and can slow th heart rate down.
health risks of marijuana on the lungs:lung damage,risk of getting COPD, Bullae can develope, lung cancer.
A news article about how a joint is worse than 20 cigarettes at once.
Marijuana is a toxic drug.
It is illegal to use the plant recreationally in CO if you are under 21.
After smoking marijuana you tend to get the munchies after a while. Munchies are when you want a lot food or a lot of snacks.
THC is in marijuana.
Marijuana can increase the heart rate to 20 to 50 beats per minute.
Marijuana also makes you loss interest in things that you used to be interested in.
New Babies:
-Born To Early
-Troubles sleeping due to withdrawls born the marijuana in their system
-Have poor memory
-Struggle with speech
-Have difficultly making decisions
-Have a hard time calming themselves down.
Older Children:
- Be easily distracted in class
- Be hyperactive
- Have problems following directions with mulitple steps
- Struggle to remember what things look like
- Have trouble copying basic problems.

- Get into trouble at school
- Have difficulty learning
-Eventually have problems getting and keeping a job.
Marijuana can be smoked in hand-rolled cigarettes also called joints. The drug can be smoked in piped or water piped also called bongs. It is also smoked in blunts which are cigars that have been emptied of tobacco and refilled with a mixture of marijuana and tobacco.
All marijuana is dried leaves
Hash Oil
Only about nine percent of
marijuana users become
clinically dependent, according
to a study.
Marijuana and beer are
cousins: Beer's hops are the
same family of flowering
plants as
Forty-two percent of people
in the U.S. has tried marijuana
at least once.
Study after study has found
that marijuana is less
harmful than alcohol and
If teens smoke marijuana there are the following
signs of marijuana are:
-Acting silly for no reason
-Being hungry and eating more than usual
-Red eyes or use of eye drops
-Increased irritability or grumpiness
-Reduced motivation and lack of interest in usual
-Trouble remembering things that just happened
-A smell on clothes, or the use of incense or other
-Owning clothing, posters, or jewelry encouraging
drug use
- Having pipes or rolled paper
-Stealing money or having money that cannot be
accounted for.

Long-Term use of marijuana can lead to:
-The same breathing problems as smoking cigarettes (coughing, wheezing, trouble with physical activity, and lung cancer)
-Decreased motivation or interest
-Lower intelligence
-Mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, anger, moodiness, and psychosis
-Decreased or lack of response to mental health medication
-Increased risk of side effects from mental health medication
Did you know:
Students who smoke marijuana tend to get lower
grades and more likely to drop out of high school.
Marijuana impairs judgment and motor
coordination and slows reaction time. A person under the influence of marijuana is intoxicated and has an increased chance of being involved in and being responsible for an accident.
Marijuana was legalized in Colorado in 2013.
Acute (present during intoxication)
Impairs short-term memory
Impairs attention, judgment, and other cognitive functions
Impairs coordination and balance
Increases heart rate

Impairs memory and learning skills
Sleep impairment

Can lead to addiction
Increases risk of chronic cough, bronchitis
Increases risk of schizophrenia in vulnerable individuals

Marijuana smoke contains fifty percent to seventy percent more cancer-causing substances than tobacco smoke. One major research study reported that a single cannabis joint could cause as much damage to the lungs as up to five regular cigarettes smoked one after another. Long-time joint smokers often suffer from bronchitis, an inflammation of the respiratory tract.

Marijuana changes the structure of sperm cells, deforming them. Thus even small amounts of marijuana can cause temporary sterility in men. Marijuana use can upset a woman’s menstrual cycle.
Sensory distortion
Poor coordination of movement
Lowered reaction time
After an initial “up,” the user feels sleepy or depressed
Increased heartbeat (and risk of heart attack)
Why users use Marijuana is:
-To fit in
-To escape or relax
-To relieve boredom
-To rebel
- To experiment

Marijuana cause lung damage like:
Stinging of the mouth and throat. Which starts heavy coughing.
Marijuana can also cause heart issues like:
higher heart rate.
Marijuana changes the structure of men's sperm cells.
Marijuana users can upset a woman's menstrual cycle.
Marijuana causes the eyes to be blood shot and can cause foggy vision.
Marijuana can cause the skin give off a cold or hot sensation.
Marijuana causes the muscles to become slackened.
Marijuana can cause the user to loss interest in things that they used to be into. Like:
Hang out with their other group of friends.
Being focused on school
Marijuana can as damage the Brain. The way it damages the brain is by:
sensory and time perception
coordination movement
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