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20 things about me!!!!(Kelsey Bohn)

20 things about me!!!!(Kelsey Bohn)

Kelsey Bohn

on 22 September 2010

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Transcript of 20 things about me!!!!(Kelsey Bohn)

20 things aout moi
(Kelsey Bohn)
1: I am a proud Fhilipino! 2: i am an only child :( 3: I've been in dance since i was 4. :) (thats not me) 4: I live on a farm. 5:I broke my collar bone by jumping on my parents bed .XD 6: When i was 3 my swimming coach wanted to put me on a relay team :) (thats not me!!) 7: i want to live in the philippines 8: I love stars!! 9: I love music!! 10:my favorite colour is pink! 11:cant stand the smell of dried fish 12:I hate beans :) 13: I love spring rolls! 14:I am still 13! 15: I love movies! 16:I love partys! 17: I love baking! (thats not me) 18:I love puppies! 19:I dont know the titles of songs 20:I love the ocean!
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