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Mount Pelee

No description

Kai Miller

on 2 February 2013

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Transcript of Mount Pelee

Kai Miller
PD 1 Mount Pelée Info Eruptions General Description
1902 Mount Pelee means Bald mountain
Located in Martinique.
Coordinates: 14.82°N / -61.17°W
Elevation: 1397 m / 4,583 ft
Volume: 2'592'968.43m³
Crater has a diameter of 1,150 m
Crater has a altitude of 1,170 m.
Description: Around it is mostly forest and a town (Saint Pierre). Only the days of it’s eruption was it covered in ash. First eruption: About 300,000 years ago
Most famous eruption: 1902 May 7th
Last eruption: 1932
Duration of eruption: First eruptions no one knows (no pictures either)
Most famous eruption: April 25th to May 7th.
Latest eruption: 1929-1932
Eruption type: Plinian for 1902 and Pelèan eruption for 1932
First eruption type unknown 29,000-30,000 dead, 2-3 alive
VEI of 4
Completely destroying the town of Saint Pierre
Was known as the most devastating eruption in the 20th century
Lava covered the entire northern half of the island 1932 No casualties or deaths
Not as bad as the 1902
The lava had just followed the road so not to much damage
VEI of 3
Damages were limited to the destruction of a road between St. Pierre and Prêcheur, and the loss of a few livestock The survivors One was a man who was put in jail underground. He was later released because they had thought god had let him live. Another was a girl. The girl had been traveling up the mountain early in the morning. She had to go to this tourist attraction called the “corkscrew.” This was pretty much the parasitic cone. But when she looked in she saw all the smoke emitting form it. She also said she saw bubbling red stuff when she looked. She stated she saw three people get engulfed who were trying to get out of the crater. As she ran away she saw the explosion and people running. She went to the shore and got onto her brothers boat and headed to the cave she used to play in. On the way she did get a few burns from the flying stones form the volcano. As the lava hit the water the water rose and she fell unconscious. People had found her 2 miles off shore. Citations http://www.volcanodiscovery.com/pelee.html http://www.zazzle.com/mount_pelee_volcano_martinique_postcard-239065548555927410 http://www.gweaver.net/techhigh/projects/period1_2/Mt.%20Pelee/damage_cost%20page.html https://thegeosphere.pbworks.com/w/page/24714218/1902%20Mount%20Pelee-Martinique,%20Caribbean http://www.geology.sdsu.edu/how_volcanoes_work/Pelee.htmlhttp://www.mount-pelee.com/en/1929-1932-eruption/ *Again, not much is known about the first eruption.
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