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No More Raised Hands: Using Poll Everywhere in the K-12 Classroom

Poll Everywhere

Dr. L.

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of No More Raised Hands: Using Poll Everywhere in the K-12 Classroom

Poll Everywhere
No More Raised Hands:
Poll Everywhere
to Communicate in the Classroom

Poll Everywhere is a technology tool that allows anyone to create an electronic poll.
Teachers can use it to access
student knowledge.
It's a new way for students to share their opinions.
- Need a cell phone or computer with internet connection to vote

- Can cost students because standard text messaging rates apply

- Free text poll can be risky with a free plan.
With a paid plan, you get to approve answers before they are displayed

- Have to purchase a plan for use with more than 40 responses
People answer by

web browsers
, or
Texting is a primary communication tool for children.
How do you think communicating in the classroom has
in the last 5 years?
How do you think teachers can modify their instruction to incorporate their students’
primary communication tool (text messaging)

Anticipatory set
Brainstorm ideas
Formative assessment
Ask a question
Class discussions
Review material
While students are learning, they can text in:
key vocabulary words
You can even email
your students to
respond to a poll while they are doing homework.
What kind of polls can you create?
Multiple Choice:

List the
possible answers
[a, b, c]
Free Text Polls:

Students write their
own personal responses
You control when the poll begins
and you can
it when you’re done
to prevent additional responses.
If students don't have a cell phone
or have a limited/no text message plan:
Have them use a computer
Pair them up for group voting

Seeing other responses might influence a student's vote...
try hiding responses until everyone has voted.

"Our students have changed radically.
Today’s students are no longer the people our educational system was designed to teach."
- Marc Prensky
+ Easy to use

+ Free for the teacher - unlimited polls and up to 40 responses

+ Free for students - with unlimited text messaging

+ No equipment needed - uses tools students usually have with them

+ Uses technology that students are comfortable with
+ Engaging - most students don’t get to use their phones in class

+ Encourages participation; everyone gets to answer the question
and share their opinions

+ Anonymity - helps those who don’t participate and may be shy

+ Results and feedback are instantaneous

+ Privacy - spam-free; phone numbers kept private
Nicole Luongo, Ed.D.
Saint Peter's University
“Students today depend upon their _______s, which are expensive. What will they do when they are dropped and break? They will be unable to write!”
Teachers’ Conference,
Asking Questions
Class Discussion
Review Materials
Any questions?
How do
think you could use
Poll Everywhere in your teaching?
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