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Is there life on other planets?

No description

Cameryn Bates

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Is there life on other planets?

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli By: Cameryn, Ashley, and Spencer Is there life on other planets? What humans want to know, is: Is there life on other planets? There is a big probability that there is. It is hard to believe that life can exist on other planets because they aren't as perfect as planet earth is, but what if they are different? Maybe they can survive in harsher conditions than we can. we might be able to find life in space, just maybe not life as we know it... Why scientists believe there could be extra terrestrial life on other planets. Everybody and every scientist studying if there is extra terrestrial life has an opinion on if aliens exist or not. many scientists think that because there not many Goldilocks spots in the universe, it is impossible for there to be life when there is not a sufficient amount of water, oxygen, and atmosphere or gravity. but maybe there are not enough spots in the universe for life as we know it. maybe they don't need all that we do in order to survive. however no one has proved yet that there is extra terrestrial life exists but every one has an opinion now. The drake equation The Drake Equation is: A speculative equation that gives an estimate of the likelihood of discovering intelligent extraterrestrial life in the galaxy. It is a very good estimate that there is extra terrestrial life out there in the universe. Scientists use this equation to organize guesses for about how many aliens there are in the milky way. it was designed by Frank Drake in 1961. What is the probability of life on other planets? There is a very small probability of life existing in many other areas in the universe but that is just life as we know it. They could be almost anywhere if they can survive certain exposure that we cant. like somewhere with little or no water, atmosphere, gravity, and oxygen. so there is a probability but a very small chance for life as we know it elsewhere in the universe, but there could be another Goldilocks spot in the universe, just like ours. What is some evidence that there is extra terrestrial life on other planets There is believed to be and alien that the government found and they were said to have done an alien autopsy to see what the alien is like and made out of. it is kept very secret from the world and they have even tried to convince people that there really isn't an alien to keep it safe. and there have been many sightings of UFOs by a lot of people. Once a lady found something very bizarre in her yard. She called the police and they took it away, and confirmed that it was an alien toy... Will we find life in the future? The answer to that is unknown. We could find something, due to our new modern technology, and it will only get better but we may be chasing after something that doesn't even exist. With our new technology we are sure to find at least something, and when that day comes it will be very cool to see if we have a lot in common or if we are completely different... and if we are friend or foe...
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