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Do's and Dont's for Pitching a Simple Idea

Sometimes the simplest concept can stand out among the larger, sexier, more complex tech ventures in an innovation tournament. Here is a primer to help your simple idea stand out.

Daniel Garblik

on 9 December 2010

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Transcript of Do's and Dont's for Pitching a Simple Idea

What is a simple idea? Do's Dont's So how do i pitch my simple idea to get people interested? Does simple mean small? No, simple means an idea
that is very easy to grasp
and conceptualize. Any idea can be "simple" if explained well. For this module, "simple" means an idea that
can be explained in THREE WORDS Three Words! Book Self Publishing Kickstarter.com for Youth or... Indian Hot Sauce!!! In some cases, the simplest ideas cannot scale. But sometimes, simple ideas can scale in a big way! Asian hot sauce! Innovation tournaments reward sexy, tech ideas... So in order to stand out and get people to vote for you - follow these SIMPLE do's and dont's All of which have three words! Make It Tangible Show Real Progress Demonstrate Your Value Growth And Scale Minimal Investment Need Just Do It Sell Idea Short Give Up Easily Think Too Small Wait To Move Fear Small Investments Resist Others' Input Simple ideas are best understood when people can clearly see what
the concept is. Prototype & Experiment Early Why do people relate to your idea? Tell a story? Your idea will be more credible if you can implement yourself. Your idea will be stronger if you're an expert in the field Find the team that can help you actually start and run the concept If the idea is simple, what can you start yourself? The more you do, the more people will be impressed with your idea
and be willing to support it Show all the iterations of your work. People like progress. A simple idea will be more attractive if it has small startup costs Small startup costs equate to a greater likelihood of a real business Put the marshmallow on the spaghetti early Embrace failure and learn from mistakes The more batches or iterations the better. Start early and experiment often Show examples of how big your idea can get Make your idea happen. Start small and show proof of concept Get things moving today! Oh... and don't forget... To eat Indian Hot Sauce! Thank you!

Daniel Garblik
opim 651 Do's and dont's for pitching a simple idea

daniel garblik Simple ideas can be small or big But make it as big as possible to get people's attention Don't dismiss your idea as silly compared to the others If you have a good idea. Then be confident and let it show. If you're idea is really simple, someone WILL eventually steal it So get moving today! Don't be afraid to put a few hundred or thousand dollars in your idea Spend wisely to get things moving early Build a strong team and encourage their input into your idea Simple ideas can be complex. If people don't get it...
then tweak the idea. People may think your idea is stupid or not worth investment Be strong and just keep moving. Don't let jerks get you down. With a simple idea, the best idea is simply to... So make your idea as big as possible to
get people's attention...
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