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Prokaryotic Gene Regulation

No description

Sascha Medina

on 18 November 2016

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Transcript of Prokaryotic Gene Regulation

Prokaryotic Gene Regulation is like...
Prokaryotic Gene Regulation is like...
... baking a cake.
This is a metaphor because the things and actions that go into baking a cake can be compared to the things and actions that go into gene expression.
The Breakdown
The recipe is the gene expression
What goes into the recipe makes the cake
- the promoter is the water
- the rna polymerase is the flour
- the repressor is the temperature of the oven
- the chemical comparable to lactose is eggs
- the eggs are needed to get the cake to make

in conclusion
The analogy between prokaryotic gene regulation and baking a cake is considerable because many things in gene regulation can mirror the steps in baking a cake. while baking a cake, it will not cook without the eggs which is similar to the possible, chemical, lactose. The temperature can be compared to the repressor because the temperature determines whether or not the cake will bake just like the repressor determines whether or not the expression takes place. The water can be seen as the rpomotor because the flour binds to the water just like the RNA Polymerase binds to the promotor.
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