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Easter, older

No description

Ashley McC

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Easter, older

Ashley McCartney American Easter When and what is it? Easter is a very important Christian holiday, which marks the resurrection of Jesus. It actually originally was a pagan holiday to celebrate the beginning of the Spring season! Easter Traditions in the USA The celebrations of Easter in the USA differ very much from what occurs in Spain. Christians usually go to church on Palm Sunday (this year 24 March), then begin their celebrations! Many people go to church on the Thursday and Friday before Easter, as well as Easter Sunday! Easter Traditions This is one of the most important ways we celebrate. Families gather to have a big meal together after church (if anyone goes)! It occurs between the end of March and the beginning of May every year, [40 days after Ash Wednesday]. The Easter celebrations last a week!
This is how it goes: Sunday before Easter=Palm Sunday (the day Jesus went to Jerusalem)
Thursday before Easter=Maundy Thursday (the day of the Last Supper)
Friday before Easter=Good Friday (the day Jesus was crucified)
Saturday before Easter=Easter Eve
Easter Sunday! Each one is a special day in Christianity.
Do you know any of them? Kids in the USA have off school for the whole week before and the Monday after Easter, this vacation is called "Spring Break"! First, everyone dyes Easter eggs! Many towns have Easter Egg Hunts, where
the parents hide plastic eggs filled with candy and the children must look for them! Also, almost everyone goes to the mall to get a picture with the Easter Bunny, like Santa Claus. For the picture and the Easter meal, everyone dresses in nice Spring-style clothes!! The girls ALWAYS have dresses and bonnets, special for Easter! Easter Meal The most common foods for Easter are: HAM LAMB ASPARAGUS HOT CROSS BUNS MASHED POTATOES Easter Dessert There are no specific desserts we all eat at the Easter meal, but here are a few popular ones: CARROT CAKE INTERESTING
MERINGUE PIE FUN CAKES On Easter morning, when the children wake up, they must search for their EASTER BASKET, which the Easter Bunny hides in their house the night before! It usually has books, games and LOTS of candy--especially chocolate eggs and rabbits! What else do we do? What do we eat? How do we finish our meal? First, let me ask you:
1. What do you know about Easter in the USA?
2. What traditions do you have in Spain for Easter? Today we are going to talk about Easter in my country! This year it is on March 31st! Any questions
or opinions?
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