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Alcoholism in the brain

No description

Jao Pineda

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Alcoholism in the brain

BRAIN Alcohol intoxication affects our body and brain How do we know that alochol affects our brain? Scientific studies and MRI scans showed different brain activities occur during a drunken state or.....we can see a drunk person and observe that they have slurred speech, slow reaction time, impaired memories, and poor judgment probably these signs should make you think that something is going on their brains..... Since we proved that there is indeed effects in the brain during alcohol intoxication, we can ask...... What are they? There are LONG TERM EFFECTS and SHORT TERM EFFECTS Memory
Cognitive impairments
Reduced coordination and physical functions
How does alcohol affect our brain? Alcohol increases the effect of the body's neurotransmitter GABA(amma amino butyric acid) Shrinkage and permanent damage of brain
Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome
Damage to the brain caused by Liver Disease
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome(FAS)
Memory Loss
Personality changes Facotors how alcohol affects the brain Rate of drinking
Age when started drinking and how long he or she has been drinking
Level of education
Genetic Background
History of alcoholism
Risk of prenatal alcohol exposure
General health status
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