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Copy of Jose Rizal: The Entrapment, His Exile, and Love with Josephine Bracken

Theme: Dapitan, the Hero's Haven

Khim Oriel

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Jose Rizal: The Entrapment, His Exile, and Love with Josephine Bracken

The Entrapment, His Exile, and Love with Josephine Bracken Big Question Is he really destined to be deported in Dapitan? Specific Questions 1. What are the reasons behind Rizal's deportation?
2. Who were his acquaintances?
3. How did he live his life while he was in exile?
4. What are his contributions while he was in exile?
5. What were the changes that happened in the Philippines while he was in Dapitan? Theme: Dapitan, the Hero's Haven Hong Kong Philippines Malacanan Palace Governor General Eulogio Despujol Pobres Frailes (Manuscript) Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Fort Santiago Rizal's House in Dapitan (Reconstructed) Ricardo Carnicero House of Ricardo Carnicero Talisay Casa Qudrada - This house was Rizal's workshop with his students Casa Redonda - This house was Rizal's Clinic Rizal's Opthalmology Instruments Casitas De Salud - This small house was used as Rizal's Hospital ward Rizal's lets his pupils read this book way back his time Draco Rizali - A Flying Dragon Apogonia Rizali - A small beetle Racophorus Rizali - A rare Frog Josephine Bracken - An Irish 18 year old lady, "a chestnut blond with blue eyes, simple yet slender and gayety in atmosphere." George Taufer - Adoptive father of Josephine Bracken who became blind Changes in the Philippines Antonio Maura took over the position of Minister of Colonies Federico Ochando replaced Despujol as the temporary Governor General Eventually Ramon Blanco took over the post from Ochando Rev. F. Pablo Pastells was replaced by Father Juan Ricart as superior of the Jesuit Order of the Philippines On September 21 1892, while Rizal was exiled in Dapitan, he won P6,200 in the lottery with ticket number 9736. He used half to buy some land and sent the rest to his father. Houses were built on the land he bought and fruit trees were planted in the vacant area.
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