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Positive and negative impact of video games with children

No description

joe goins

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Positive and negative impact of video games with children

The potential negative effects of violent video games!
Positive and negative impact of video games with children
Long term video play leads to addiction and other negative effects.
Managing media consumption.
If not addressed early on and supervised through the teenage stage, long term results can be:
Girls play 5 hrs a week vs Boys play 13 hrs per week.
The impression on children with video games during early childhood and beyond.
Tend to be more aggressive and become more confrontational with others.
1. Know the video game rating
2. Keep media equipment out of the bedroom
3. Set limits on video or media play
4. Monitor all of your children's media consumption.
5. Supervise your child's internet use
6. Discuss the material content with your child before and after
Detachment from their
Relationship issues!
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