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The Importance of Film Scores

No description

Erin Jackson

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of The Importance of Film Scores

How a film score can manipulate us I'll be discussing... 1. Film scores and audience emotions
2. Technical importance
3. Film music, then and now EMOTION: 1. Source Music According to musicologist, Zofia Lissa 4. Basis for Audience Emotions Music in Movies Basic terms: Film music theory 101 Diegetic Non-Diegetic 2. Representation of Location 3. Expression of actors' emotions Case #1 Case #2 5. Enhancement of film's structure: Leitmotifs - recurrent theme throughout a musical or literary composition. Finally, 6. Anticipation of subsequent action
. 7. Emphasis of movement and sound Technical Importance Direct attention to important features on the screen Continuity Branding Film Industry, Then and Now Silent Film Era 1890's - approx. 1927 Live music to mask extraneous noise Talkies 1927, The Jazz Singer - Musical experimentation, innovation 1970's: John Williams! Film Industry now! : Trend in electronic, synthesizer music Scores can draw from numerous influences (not just classical) Digital sampling replace real instruments Digital programs replace orchestras The Composer's role: Composing happens AFTER filming Spotting, Syncing, Orchestration THEN recording sound with a visible source on the screen music from the film world ex. singing, the music from the radio... sound is not visible on the screen
source is from outside the film world ex. orchestral score, underlying soundtrack The Functions of Film Music
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