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Using information on AMH to enhance embryo production and fe

No description

Alex Souza

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Using information on AMH to enhance embryo production and fe

Take home:
AMH/embryo production
Research findings:
AMH and fertility
AMH/embryo production
AMH produced by early antral follicles
Rationale: AMH/Fertility
> number of follicles > fertility
The big idea: using AMH to enhance
embryos production and fertility in cattle
AMH: embryo production
AMH: fertility
Research findings:
AMH/embryo production
Take home:
AMH and fertility
AMH 20% top-tier cows reported to have greater fertility in dairy cattle
Circulating AMH & follicle population
Can AMH predict fol. population?
Alex Souza John Verstegen Emiliana Batista
Paulo Carvalho Carol Collar Pietro Baruselli Milo Wiltbank
Monniaux et al 2012
in vitro: OPU/IVF
in vivo: superovulation
Number of follicles
(near time of emergence)
AMH ng/mL
Slide by Dr. Baruselli's lab - USP, Brazil
Data from Baruselli's lab - USP, Brazil
AMH is highly correlated to follicle population
Variable across breeds, but little variation within animal despite phase of the estrous cycle
Can be successfully used to select cows to enhance OPU/IVF and MOET results
If AMH is a good predictor of fol. population...
Is > [AMH] associated with fertility?
Beef cattle
Dairy cattle
Association between AMH & fertility apparently less evident then follicle count
Timed AI outcome not associated with circulating AMH
Preliminary data from California study: Batista et al. (ongoing)
AMH - Log transformed
No relationship between number of follicles
near emergence and conception results
Freitas & Baruselli - SBTE 2014, Natal-Brazil
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