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Me and the blondes

No description

callista pellegrino

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of Me and the blondes

Sophie Kandinsky:

Magda Kandinsky (“mama”):

Madison (lead blonde):

Kit (blonde):

Sarah (blonde):

Main Characters
by: Teresa Totten
Me and the Blondes
Teresa toten

Teresa was born in Zagreb, Croatia and moved to Canada when she was 13 days old
She attended the University of Toronto, graduated with a BA and MA in Political Economy
Teresa did not take a single English or Creative Writing class
Would be “unrealistic” for her to become a writer
After graduating from the University of Toronto, she wrote pieces for Radio Canada International.
Worked on Royal Commission on Conditions of Foreign Service, the Museum of Civilization, and toiling at the Canadian Institute for International Peace and Security.
She wrote an entertaining book about growing up as an immigrant in a very white Anglo-Saxon neighbourhood. This lead into her success
She was shocked by her success and on how much she enjoyed writing.
This lead to her writing many books in the future such as The Game, Bright Red kisses, and The Unlikely Hero of room 13b
Teresa Toten
stock character/antagonist
antagonist/flat character
antagonist/flat character
Outcome of the Quest
The novel “Me and the Blondes” is taken place in Toronto, Ontario

Sophia Kandinsky, or “Sophie”, a 14 year old girl is enrolled into her new high school, Northern Heights Collegiate.

Her father was accused of man slaughter, even though he claims he did not commit that crime. He was sentenced to jail for lifetime

Entering the school, Sophie does not want anyone knowing about her family history.

Her “plan” was to seek the most popular group of girls, also known as “the blondes”, and become instant best friends with them. The ultimate goal is for her to get a good reputation, so nobody questions or judges her about her family.

In the group of “blondes” are Madison, the lead blonde, Kit and Sarah.

Each blonde has something unique and special about themselves.

One huge new discovery that Sophie made was about Madison. Madison is adopted.

One day, Madison WANTED to go find her biological mother. Sophie went with her on the search.

Unfortunately, her biological mother passed away, but she ended up finding her biological grandmother, named Edna.

Edna quickly recognized Sophie from a photo in a newspaper article she was reading about her father getting arrested

Madison now knows about her father and her past.
Sophie became fearful and very anxious, and ran out the door as fast as she could.

Sophie thought that this was the cut of their friendship

Sophie ran to the bus terminal, and sat on the bus alone, sobbing. Until, she looked up and saw Madison.

Madison WAS VERY supportive and understanding

It was finally Sophie’s stop, she wanted to go see her dad after 3 years.

Father had a drinking problem during her childhood.
Father got arrested because of accusation of manslaughter
Keep her secret on the inside
Has to put up a fake identity
Cannot share her family history
Receives phone calls and letters from father, is an emotional wreck whenever he does. She does not know to react to them
Mother is very unstable when Sophie’s father tries to reach out to her
Madison has lawyers for parents, which makes Sophie extremely nervous. She does not want for her parents to know about her father
Sophie knows many secrets about the blondes. For example how Kit had Bulimia and Madison was adopted. The guilt is eating her alive on the inside, the blondes are so open and honest with Sophie when she is not returning that
Kit had thrown up in the bathroom during the basketball game
Madison’s mother knew who Sophie’s father was, and knew she was “the killer’s daughter”. This was how Madison figured out about Sophie’s past and family history
Sophie ran home, and contemplated whether she should live or die. She took 5 pills and went to sleep. She woke up.
-Madison meets up with Sophie at the bus station
-Talk about family history, Madison is very understanding and accepting of Sophie
- Sophie was extremely pleasant and shocked of Madison's reaction
-With all the love and help given to Sophie, she wanted to do the same to someone very important to her
-Sophie went to go see her father in jail after 3 years of not responding to his phone calls and letters
Sophie did not show her true identity towards her friends.

She kept a huge secret from them; covering up her family history.

She did not want them to look and judge her any differently because of her father mistakes, so decided not to tell them.
Literary Devices
- "she’s got prison cooties, the murders kid, the murderers kid" (page 10)

- This time I was going to squeeze myself right into the middle of the power source at Northern Heights. And after five schools, I was sure that the power source was going to be the blondes.” (page 11)

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