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Because I am a Girl Charity Presentaion

Learning journey

Aleena Waqar

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Because I am a Girl Charity Presentaion

By: Mannat, Lubaba,
Afira, Aleena
and Jibran Because I am a Girl Charity
Presentation You can help change the world for – and through – girls everywhere. Girls are the answer – and so are you. Thanks for listening to our presentation on Because I am a Girl! Sense of Urgency Use Of Funds Because I'm a girl collects donations and uses them to provide females with food, shelter and clean drinking water.
79% of the funds helps the cause.
only 21% of the funds go's towards fund raising, paying the employes and buying equipment Overview The "Because I am a Girl" charity was founded by Plan International. It raises money for projects to improve the lives of girls and women.It also helps to educate, provide food, and shelter for girls because they live in poverty. What are the impacts? Girls and women all around the world live without food, clean water, shelter, and education.
this causes AIDS, and HIV.
they could die because of these diseases Girls that are involved with this program has life changing effects
have a safe place to call home
food nutrition, education, rights
huge impact on the world Would you donate? hiiiiii
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