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Ancient Mesoamerican Religion

Comparison of Inca, Maya, and Aztec religion. Created for Global Insights.

Alyssa Newman

on 24 May 2011

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Transcript of Ancient Mesoamerican Religion

Ancient Mesoamerican Religion Beliefs - Saw gods as rulers of the world - Sun god has to be strong to defeat the darkness and rise each day AZTECS - Gods created the world - Some primary gods are forces of nature MAYA INCA - All gods follow a master god - Spirits live in sacred places and objects called huacas ALL - Main gods represent things from the natural world Sacrifice INCA AZTEC MAYA - Human is most common
- Blood sacrifices feed the gods - Not always human
- Blood sacrifices provide strength for the gods
- Losing pok-a-tok teams sacrificed - Mostly animals or food (corn)
- Humans sacrificed only for sacred occasions (sometimes Chosen Women or children) Other Practices INCA AZTEC MAYA - Formally run by priests
- Oracles can see the future and decide on sacred occasions - Offer minor objects to gods
- Threaten and frighten other tribes - Priests predict the future
- Only priests can read the Sacred Round (calendar) Architecture MAYA AZTEC INCA - Temple-pyramids taller than the jungles - Temples and shrines to specific gods
- Sacred buildings called huacas (huacas can also be objects or places) - Stone temples and pyramids Special Roles INCA MAYA AZTEC Chosen Women
- Girls ages 8-10 chosen by the government to grow up and learn in convents
- Once they turn 15 most marry into noble or royal families, serve the gods, or become teachers at the convents Huitzilopochtli
- God of the sun and agriculture
- Requires blood to come up each day and push the moon away
- Human sacrifices are worth more Pok-a-tok Teams
- Made up of anybody from noble status to captured prisoners
- Losing team is sacrificed to the gods
- Leader of the losing team is beheaded By Stella + Alyssa
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