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Travel from Earth to space

No description

Tzu Shan Chiu

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Travel from Earth to space

Travel from Earth to space
Where will we go to the next?

In southern Taiwan
The first national park in Taiwan

Kenting National Park
Famous tourist spot in Taiwan
Popular among both locals and foreigners
Can enjoy the beach and the mountains, and Taiwanese nature and original culture in the same day

The Secrets of Universe
Indications of Universe
Dark Matter & Dark Energy
Station 1 : Mt. Jade
Some questions :

100 ants?
10 cockroaches?

1 dog?

1 Formosan Black Bear?!

The Earth in other universes??
Parallel Universes
It's awesome, isn’t it?

Kenting is actually not a National Park anymore.

Formosan Black Bear
Global Warming
We just keep ourselves blind, but those things are still happening every day!!!!
What are we going to do? NOW!!!
We have to protect our nature!!!!!

You can recycle or return it,
instead of getting rid of!!!!
And, we will have our nature BACK!!!

Distinctive & extinctive animals in Taiwan
Disappeared National Park-Kenting
The secret of Universe

A special train journey--
from the Earth to the space
Station 1
Station 2
Station 3

Distinctive & extinctive animals in Taiwan!!

Formosan Black Bear

Station 1 : Mt. Jade
Formosan Clouded Leopard
protect :species & their habitats
>>to maintain the biodiversity

use some simple methods

How about the animals which are not distinctive such as dogs, cats, and monkeys?
Should we also protect them?

We will still observe new secrets along with the development of technology.

Perhaps, we can exploit these secrets to make our earth better.

The final station
The first station
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