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KFC Presentation PM587

Class project for Program Management 587.

Keith Aniol

on 20 October 2012

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Transcript of KFC Presentation PM587

Play Area Competitive Forces Corporate Strategy Current Performance The Road to Relevance......... KFC Revitalization Program Future Concept Store Project Scope
Ensure that playground installed is safe and non-toxic.
Use only plastic materials.
Select a maintenance program to ensure playground is safe.
Select and test the best cleaning products. Project Budget & Timeline Project Risks Double Revenues in 10 Years
Increase annual same store sales by 10%
Increase sales per customer visit by 5%
Grow Market Share expanding customer base Emerging Market Sales on the Rise
Market Leader in Asia
Domestic Sales Declined by 1% in 2011
Domestic Profit Declined by 12% in 2011 Project Scope
Select resources such as: Dietitian, Chefs, Cooks
Train Managers; cooks, (staff)
Test recipes until desired quality are achieved
Select the necessary equipment to execute new items on the menu
Create marketing display
Add kids menu and healthy options on the menu
Select reliable vendors for quality ingredients Project Risks

Changes to healthier menu may not be well received by the existing customer base.
Drastic menu alteration could impact sales and profitability. Project Budget & Timeline Project Scope
Procure internet circuit
Design Network
Procure network equipment
Install networking equipment for connectivity to Internet.
Install flat panel TV screens Project Budget & Timeline Project Risks Program Budget & Timeline Program Dependencies Playground Project Budget by Phase Menu Re-design Wi-Fi & Flat Panel Displays Next Steps Program Approval
Team formation
Project Kick-off Program Organization & Communications Steering Committe Meeting - Bi-weekly
Project Status Meeting - Weekly
Program Status Meeting - Bi-weekly  Flat panel display and network design are dependent upon the completion of the design for the new play area building.

 Cabling for network and flat panel displays cannot be completed until heating and cooling system is installed in the new building.

 Drywall must be completed prior to the installation of the wireless access points and flat panel displays.

 Training for play area and new food preparation cannot be completed until the flat panel displays are installed to provide remote learning capabilities.

 Grand opening event cannot be held until final inspection and walk through is completed for the new play area building. Program Management Recommended Projects Program Objectives  Double total sales with the next decade.

Grow pilot store sales by 10%

Grow Average Sale Per Customer by 5%

 Develop and market new healthier meals.

 Reduce calorie count on existing offerings.

 Increase productivity. Inability to procure a telecommunications circuit
Inability to secure electrical contractor
Pilot location may require the use of union labor Playground doesn’t meet local safety standards
Issues with identifying the proper cleaning products
Parents or the children don’t like the play area
Unable to obtain proper permits for excavation
Contractor fail to perform duties ?
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