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Work @ Prezi

Prezi is Hiring in Budapest and San Francisco!

Nelli Csarno

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Work @ Prezi

@ We're looking for exceptional people 1st Prezumé TED Conferences invests in Prezi First ever TED Prezi Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the “inventor of the Web,” showing his prezi in Davos http://blog.prezi.com/2010/01/28/prezis-in-davos-tim-berners-lee/ Shared vision of promoting interesting ideas Tim Berners-Lee at http://blog.prezi.com/2009/04/01/greatest-thing-about-working-with-prezi/ Prezi helps job-seeker stand out and land a new gig: April 2009 November 2009 First Prezi Book is published English Dutch Korean German click to play Prezi is Hiring in Budapest and San Francisco! of web-based presentation tools — you're experiencing it right now. — you're experiencing it right now. Prezi is making the next generation Visit: Where do fit into this? You Are you interested? http://jobs.prezi.com This is the you'd be joining. team Read more about us http://prezi.com/about/ integrated, cross-functional teams comprised of engineers, designers, and marketing specialists working towards a common goal. marketing engineering design Goal/KPI
Teams end-to-end responsibility should have in-depth knowledge in one area and a broad interest in all other areas What we expect from our employees on both technical and interpersonal levels For example.... We're a creative bunch ...and not just when it comes to technology. Prezi is Hiring: new registrations

150k new registrations
based on the team's activities Company Culture general problem solvers collaboration and communications skills exceptional The way we work: Goal: KPI: Life at Prezi... Prezi has an international team from: France, Canada, Germany, Israel,
Sweden, Chile, Romania, UK, US. We love working in Budapest, and we think you would too... Here are our offices today Here are our offices today and the Prezi Hackathon 2010 to join our team The Result: Visually captivating presentations that lead your audience down a path of discovery. is a cloud-based presentation software... The zoomable canvas makes it fun to explore your ideas... ..and to see the connections between them. We're looking for exceptional people @ to join our team Head of Marketing Peter Halacsy Founder, Head of Product Peter Arvai Founder, CEO Adam Somlai-Fischer Founder, Head of Design Drew Banks Head of Finance Joel Onodera Executive Team Prezi Family Prezi Family Prezi Family Prezi Family We work hard;
we play hard. Prezi Hackathon 2011 Small TCOB! Seriously.. Downtown Budapest and our values http://prezi.com/our-values/. http://blog.prezi.com http://www.prezi.com http://beautifulbits.prezi.com http://www.facebook.com/twprezi http://www.facebook.com/prezicom http://www.facebook.com/preziforum http://www.facebook.com/pezKor http://goo.gl/s3sHm Check us out for yourself or see what our users have to say Sign up for a free account Check out our Prezi Blog Check out our Design Blog http://www.facebook.com/preziuserjp and apply today! HP with son, at the office (Soma is one of 12 babies
born to Prezi parents) Facebook Campus being designed in Prezi.
First office designed in prezi Facebook campus being designed in Prezi
First office designed in Prezi Started in Budapest Expanded to
San Francisco http://jobs.prezi.com click here for Prezi jobs: Japanese It is the first of 9 books
to be published in numerous languages... Launch of
Prezi for iPad app Gensler Design Strategist Randy Howder uses Prezi to introduce design plans and thoughts to decision makers at Facebook. Click a cloud to zoom in... Prezi Timeline: In just 3 years,
Prezi reaches over 16 million users! Detroit Public School System hosts
Prezi Olympiad ” “ Students compete and share their knowledge online #1
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