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Chadwick Atomic Model

No description

Miranda Haberer

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Chadwick Atomic Model

Chadwick Atomic Model
Chadwick discovered the neutron patricle in 1932
The Atomic Model
After experimenting for two weeks, he observed that the Beryllium produced particles that were bigger in mass and neutrally charged. He concluded these to be neutrons.
The experiment
Sir James Chadwick
Older atom models only consisted of protons, electrons and a nucleus.
After Chadwick discovered neutrons, they were added to the nucleus of the atom.
Chadwick's hypothesis was that if there was only positively charged paticles in the nucleus of an atom, then they would not be able to form a sphere nucleus since postive charges repel eachother. He figured that there needs to be a neutral charge.
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