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Automation: Good Or Bad?

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Paul Franko

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Automation: Good Or Bad?

Automation: Good Or Bad?
What's This About?
Throughout this presentation there will be many pros and cons listed, comparisons made, and research done all to answer these few questions:
- Is automation in a workplace Good Or Bad?
- What can be done to improve automation?
- Higher production rates
- Use materials more efficiently
- Shorter workweeks for labour
- Improved safety
- More Consistent in quality of product
- Don't have to take breaks
A few more.....
- You will often save money over time
- Robots are adaptable (can be reprogrammed)
- Can result in higher education for our country/community
- Greater access to goods and services
- Very Expensive
- Unemployment
- Can lower economy
- Effect on the environment
- Hire workers to repair machines
- Loss of traditional skills
My Opinion:
- Overall, I think that automation in a workplace is a good thing
- Pros outweigh cons
- World would be much different
- Can't rely too much on it
1. Clean Power
- Solar/Wind Power on factories
- Expense at first, but not over time
- Obviously helps the enivironment
More Solutions.....
2. Training and Costs
In this solution, these are two combined ideas to help improve automation:
- Training employees
- Don't Automate all at once
A Third Solution:
3. Minimizing Waste
Although automation reduces waste, there is still plenty of materials going unused.
- Try and sell scrap metal
- Better for environment
- Company makes money
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