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No description

Mariana Sosa

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Hemophilia

José Martin Jaramillo
Mariana Sosa Hemophilia B Hemophilia Hemophilia A Most common type of Hemophilia
Caused by the lack
of Factor VIII Caused by the lack
of Factor IX Hemophilia:
Is the lack of the Factors responsible for the coagulation of blood. FACTOR VIII Who can be affected
by this disorder? Hemophilia is a
disorder that can
affect everyone. Symptoms If the clotting factor level is very low the hemophiliac will experience abnormal bleeding. Arms Legs Urine Large or deep bruises
Prolonged bleeding
Unexplained bleeding How is this disorder
passed on? It can be inherited, caused by a mutation during the conception or acquired
(rare cases) Nose
Mouth Neck Cures There is no cure since it is a sex-linked disorder that affects all of our cells Treatments Replacement Treatment
Patient receives injections
Prevention of abnormal bleeding. Tests Factor VIII
assay VWF
antigen Factor IX
assay I
S 20% carriers have normal clotting levels
Hemophilia A=85% of cases
Known as the King's disease
1 in every 6000 is hemophiliac
Only in homozygous recessive Factor IX Quiz There are two types of hemophilia, hemophilia 1.___ and 2.___. Hemophilia occurs because of the lack of clotting factors . Its principal symptom is abnormal 3. _____. Since it is 4. ___-linked disorder it can’t be cured. Hemophilia can be inherited, acquired or caused by a 5. ______. The Replacement treatment consists of injections of the clotting factors that are missing through blood transfusions.The tests measure the level of clotting factors in the 6.__. References Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research (August 10, 2013) Hemophilia. In Mayo Clinic.Retrieved March 18, 2013, from:http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/hemophilia/DS00218/DSECTION=causesMedline Plus. (February 27, 2013). Hemofilia A. In Medline Plus. Retrieved March 18, 2013, from:http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/spanish/ency/article/000538.htmMedline Plus. (February 27, 2013). Hemofilia B. In Medline Plus. Retrieved March 18, 2013, from:http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/spanish/ency/article/000539.htmMedline Plus. (February 27, 2013). Deficiencia en el factor VII. In Medline Plus. Retrieved March 18, 2013, from:http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/spanish/ency/article/000548.htm References National Hemophilia Organization(February, 2012) Hemophilia Images in National Hemophilia Organization.
Retrieved March 21, 2013 from:
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Canadian Hemophilia Society. (n.d). Heredity of Hemophilia. In Canadian Hemophilia Society. Retrieved March 18, 2013, from:
http://www.hemophilia.ca/en/bleeding-disorders/hemophilia-a-and-b/heredity-of-hemophilia/#c171 Normal Hemophiliac Carrier Normal Normal Carrier Hemophiliac Carrier Normal carrier Hemophiliacs Normal Hemophiliac Carriers Hemophiliacs Hemophiliacs Hemophiliac Hemophiliac Normal Carrier Normal Carrier Hemophiliac
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