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Responsive Design in the DXA

No description

Will Price

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of Responsive Design in the DXA

Why Responsive?
One site for all devices
Lower Cost of Ownership
Better SEO

sponsive with
ide components

CSS/JS solution (Bootstrap)
+ Optimizations server side:
Image resizing
Conditional rendering
Display Widths
Bootstrap Layout
Responsive Images
Resizing / cropping
Optimizing images is the quickest win for significant payload reduction.

DXA has a solution that is designed to be simple, rather than comprehensive:

1. Editor Uploads/Publish a
single high-res image
2. View Developer defines the
aspect ratio

3. DXA does the rest...

(demo - image reuse and code)
SDL Mobile / Contextual Image Delivery or a native image resizer can be used.
Aspect (defined in view)
Display width (context engine)
Pixel ratio (context engine)
Grid units (passed in View Data)
Responsive Design (coded logic)
Standard Sizes: 160, 320, 640, 1024, 2048
Conditional Rendering
1. Bootstrap rows also need to be managed server side -
Using Region views limit the impact of this

2. Collapsing columns can result in bigger, rather than smaller images -
Teasers have a different layout for single column design
Bootstrap contains a CSS framework for (nested) responsive layouts based on a 12 unit grid, and configurable display width breakpoints.
(demo - collapsing columns and menus)
(demo - conditional rendering code)
Design & DXA
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