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Figurative Language

No description

bryson peckett

on 6 October 2012

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Transcript of Figurative Language

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE bryson onomatopoeia: onomatopoeia is the sounds in which
people or things make.Ex: The boy
crashed to the floor,Bang! is to compare something
using like or as.Ex: That
boy is like batman! Metaphor: Is something that you use to compare
something not using like or as,Ex.that man over there is batman. I lIke fIsh personification: To compare other objects to people,Ex.Shelves are like people they can both carry
alot of weight Synecdoche: Is when you sub a part for the whole, Ex. check out my ride. illike fish Apostrophe: an apostrophe is, and can be use when speaking to something that cant talk back,Ex: thy fish in the sea why dost thou stareth at me? i like spacefish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simile: Alliteration: Is when recurrent sounds that are in the
begining of a sentance sound the same,
Ex. rain racing ripping through the wind. Oxymoron: Is two opposite words meanings that are used together to describe something,Ex."same difference"
"open secret" Pun: is a play on words in witch they have a different
meanings,Ex.he drove his expensive car into a tree
and found how Mercedes Benz Metonymy: is when you substitute a word for another to describe it,Ex.we shall not disrespect his royal throne. Assonance: the repetition of identical
or similar vowels sound in neighboring
words,Ex.my son my son my only one hes
won my heart now hes gone Repetition: the use of a word or phrase more than onece in
a short passage to dwell on a point,Ex.i shall not clean,i shall not make a mess, i shall not be a pest. Parallelism: is when you carry on a type of dramatic
verbal tone in a sentence,Ex. I was
learning it, doing it, showing it, now I'm blowing it. Allusion: is a figure of speech that makes a reference to a person place or something that happened,Ex.this day was a tragedy much like the day of September 11th. Allusion: is something that makes as reference to
a place,person,or something that happened,Ex.
dont fall asleep you'll get sand in youre eyes. Connotation: the associated or secondary meaning of a word,Ex.number 3 car charged through the race knowing he'd win.
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