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New Workers, Old Problems

No description

Jarod Roll

on 4 May 2016

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Transcript of New Workers, Old Problems

New Workers, Old Problems

HIS 318
Dr. Roll
Open Shop movement takes command:
--NLRB weakened, rigged
--What would John Lewis say?
--Wal-Mart model: no unions, low wages and poor benefits, and no grievance procedures
--Elaine Chao, Sec. of Labor under Bush
--TSA workers and the "fight against terrorism" - 2003
--Scott Walker and Wisconsin public sector unions, 2011
Great Recession, 2008
--10.2 million workers unemployed by end of 2008
--1.2 million lost jobs in Sept. and Oct. 2008
--real income for bottom 80% of earners fell, 2007-2012
Minimum wage stagnation, falling real value
New trends in insecurity:
--401(k) retirement plan, 1990s; individual costs; vulnerable to market swings, personal emergency
--under-employment, sub full-time (no benefits)
--6.6 million works in part-time but want full-time work ("involuntary part-time workers"); was 8 million at depth of Great Recession
--working poverty
Wages decoupled from economic growth and productivity
Some responses:
--Living Wage Movement, $15 minimum wage
--United Students against Sweatshops
--Justice for Janitors
--Working America, AFL-CIO community group affiliate
Immigrants hit hard
--Hoffman Plastic Compounds v. NLRB, 2002: undocumented immigrants not covered by Wagner Act
--43% of immigrants in 2003 worked for $7.50 or less
--35% of all public sector workers
--6% of all private sector workers
--AFL-CIO leadership
--Richard Trumka, Pres.
--Elizabeth Shuler, Sec-Treas.
--Tefere Gebre, VP
--Northwestern Univ. football team, United Steelworkers, 2014
--Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, Jan. 2016
--US women's soccer team, EEOC complaint, March 2016
--Uber drivers: employees or independent contractors, June 2016

"all hollowed out":
--Flint water crisis
--white morbidity rates rising
--particularly acute for working-class whites
--still not as bad as for African Americans and hispanics, who live on average four years less, but now the gap is closing as white rates worsen
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