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PSE10: Week 2

Second PSE10 class in the nine-week series, with instructor Kelly Parke.

Kelly Parke

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of PSE10: Week 2

with instructor Kelly Parke PSE10: Memes, Masking and More Technical Follow Up Must bring your thumb drive, we will be naming your device, making a new folder, and copying class files. Organize Workspace:
quick key shortcuts for multi-view
Drag 'n Drop:
Lesson 1 photos into thumb drive
Adobe ID/Photoshop.com follow-up:
share public urls and experience using this online companion REVIEW Diving in deep with Chapter 2 Organization Review chapter 2 and questions on page 57
Do all exercises in chapter 3: Advanced Organizing. You're gonna love the automated features, importing images from PDF's, working with version sets, auto smart fix, smart albums and STACKS!
Save all work to thumb drive
Review chapter 3 questions on page 87
Read Chapter 4 and get ready to make a meme! Homework :)

Chapter 3 Assemble:
practice drag 'n drop and red eye fix
import meme pics from homework
practice managed folders
Ratings & Tags:
practice batch tagging
categories, tag icons and searches
Facial Recognition
Facebook Sharing
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