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Coastal Landforms

No description

susan leister

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Coastal Landforms

Coastal Landforms Archipelago-
A chain or cluster of islands
that are formed tectonically. Barrier Island-
Sandy spit (sand bar)
running parallel to the coast Headland-
Rocky part projecting
from coast. Bay-
Water between two headlands.
A piece or point of land extending beyond the adjacent coast into a sea or lake; a headland. Channel-
the physical confine of a river or
ocean strait consisting of beds and banks Sea Cave-
also known as a littoral cave,
is a type of cave formed primarily
by the wave action or the sea. Sea Stack-
a geological landform consisting
of a steep and often vertical column or
columns of rock in in the sea
near the coast, isolated by erosion
a partly enclosed coastal body of
water with one or more rivers or
streams flowing into it.

A long narrow inlet with steep sides,
created in a valley carved be glacial activity. Gulf- a large bay that is an arm of an ocean or sea

Harbor- a landform where a part of a
body of water is protected and deep
enough to furnish anchorage. Inlet- a narrow body of water between
islands or leading inland from a
larger body of water. Island- any piece of land surrounded by water. Isthmus- A narrow strip of land connecting
two larger land areas usually with water
forms on each side. Peninsula- a piece of land that is
surrounded my water but
connected to main land Strait- a strait is a norrow channel of water
that connects two larger bodies of water. Baymouth Bar- (sand bar) extend partially or
entirely across the mouth of a bay. Spit- sand deposited from
beach by long shore current. Marine Terrace- a rock terrace formed
where a sea cliff, with a wave-cut
platform is raised above sea level Coral Reef- limestone structure deposited
by wave action Beach- a geological landform along the
shoreline of a body of water.
It usually consists of loose particles composed of rock Tombolo- a bar of sand or other sediment
connecting an island to the mainland or another island Lagoon- a body of water cut off from the
open sea by coral reefs or sand bars Hook- A spit put into curve form
by the deposition of sand and currents.
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