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Make Sub a Star

Prezi is simple: You Write, Zoom, Arrange.Using these simple means, you can express many things - with great impact.Here are some basic examples such as timelines, TOC, Zen likes.

kim pennington

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of Make Sub a Star

Why Are We Here?
Question 2 What kinds of lesson plans do you prefer to be left with?
This is about how we can make even our substitute days productive.
Each day approximately 10% of the nation's classrooms are covered by substitutes. (Ostapczuk, 2004)
make it tiny
"Actually check/grade the work turned in by students when there is a sub. Too often I hear them say:
'Oh, we don't have to do this. It's just busy work...he/she never grades it anyway.' "
Question 4: What information would
you like to share with classroom teachers that would make substitute days more effective?
What can we do for our Guest Teachers?
"If a teacher leaves a list of students who may be a problem and what to do if they become a problem."
"Lesson plans that are detailed
with work that is MEANINGFUL FOR STUDENTS."
"Readings and movies don't work well-the kids just go to sleep.
Assignments that HAVE to be turned in that day."

"I will follow any type of lesson plan, but I prefer a plan that contributes to the learning process..."
This is not about absenteeism...or our scary substitute stories!
Make your Sub a Star!
. .
w w
That's All Folks!
How much is that over the span of a K-12 education?
One more thing...
A national survey reported that 50% of participating substitute teachers
indicated that the regular classroom teachers did not provide enough
information concerning their lesson plans. (Ostapczuk, 1994)
Classroom teachers who leave specific class information and detailed lesson plans increase substitute effectiveness and student achievement.
(Henderson, Protheroe, Porch, 2002)
What do Substitutes say?
In an informal and anonymous substitute survey at WHS
in the Spring of 2010, these were the most recurring responses:
(second most frequent response...usually in capital letters!)
"It is very helpful to be able to call a student by name, and it's impossible without a seating chart!"
"When I can call a student by name,
I have instant control."

"An accurate seating chart is a HUGE help in having a positive experience."
Infinite Campus allows us to quickly create
seating charts WITH PICTURES!
" Meaningful to the student. They resent busy work that has no relevance to the class and/or that they believe will not be graded."

"To be avoided at all costs: having sub introduce new topic/process/procedure."
Question 3: What's the most important factor that determines whether or not you have a good experience with a class?
"A class that knows what their teacher expects from them and that work assigned is regular work that will be given some sort of grade/acknowledgment and that rules are not arbitrary."
"There are clear expectations for kids as to what's expected and KNOWN consequences."

"If a teacher has high expectations from their students."
"Keys and/or answers to the worksheets would be helpful in answering questions students might have."

"When possible, forewarn the students of absence and inform them that lesson plans and rules will still be followed."
"Have meaningful lesson plans, accurate seating charts,
and high expectations, for their students at all
times and especially when they have a substitute. "
"Assignments should be due at the end of the hour, completed or not. that way there is no reason for students to waste time in class."
"My most difficult experiences have been when the assignments have been meaningless,,the teachers that uses the same video everytime they are gone; or the teacher who used a standardized test they had no intention of grading and the kids know it."
The most important thing I need from a classroom teacher are their specific expectations... I’ve had some frustration... Students have told me that as long as the assignment is done by the due date, then the teacher is not too concerned about what they do during class time. I have nothing in the sub plans that indicates to me whether they must work in silence, work in groups, work on other assignments, track their reading, or various other questions. It would really help to know what the teacher is okay with the students doing and what I need to keep an eye on.
Finally the information I’d like classroom teachers to know is again let us know as much as they can about their classes and their procedures. Knowing what it is like when I’m not there helps me a whole lot in dealing with the students and I believe would lessen sub/student negative confrontations.
What do Teachers Say?
I have a lot of things occurring throughout the day and I want to make sure my sub has no surprises. For example, if I have a student who has speech therapy I make sure I let the sub know.
If I have a deaf education student in the room I make sure my sub knows their name and the name of their interpreter. I leave the names of all my assistants and interpreters with the subs and also the names of their teachers across the hall or next door. From personal experience, as a teacher and former substitute teacher, it has always been helpful to know which teachers were around me.
I don’t leave busy work for the students, because they know what busy work is…rather, I like to leave some sort of group work/discovery-based activity that allows them to enrich their knowledge in the skill or concept we are learning even though I am not there.
I print out pictures for attendance and make laminated seating charts. This makes it easier for subs to know who is whom.
Work done with a substitute is worth more than a regular/daily grade in my gradebook and I emphasize this with my students. If they get their work done and turned in, it will boost their average...if not it really hurts.
I also try to score/grade sub work as soon as possible so that I can print grade reports that indicate the effect the work had on their average ASAP.
Prepare detailed, meaningful sub plans
Create EMERGENCY Sub Plans
Create a "Guest Teacher" Notebook
copy of master schedule of your day
Seating charts... with pictures preferably!
copy of your discipline plan
Emergency procedures
schedule for students who need to leave the room
List of paraprofessionals who visit
activities for early finishers
Neighboring teachers/staff who might be of assistance
Name student helpers!
Provide your own feedback form
This indicates to the sub that you are serious about their experience and focused on student behaviors.
To keep students on task, make sure that work is due before the end of the hour/day.
consider making sub work worth more in the gradebook...
Followup with Feedback
Visit with your classes about the feedback form
Praise and reward
Include learning outcomes!
What should students be able to do (or do better)after this lesson/day?
Be sure to leave keys or teacher materials so that your guest teacher can assist students.
Unless it is an emergency, I ALWAYS prepare my class in advance
of a GUEST TEACHER...and I ALWAYS refer to them as the GUEST
TEACHER...for some reason this title seems to shift the perspective. Instead of a 'sub' we have a 'guest'.
Question 1: What are the most important things you need from the classroom teacher in order to have a successful experience?
Maybe a designated space in
your Guest Teacher Folder?
What do Students Say?
What factors help you to get your work done when you have a sub?
If I get in trouble the next day if I don't have it done.
When they can control the volume of the class.
Assignment is due at the end of the hour.
Easy or busy work is frustrating.
When they have clear instructions and subs can easily access the instructions.
Make sure that there is a clear lesson plan so there is no confusion.
What does your regular teacher need to do in order for a sub to have a good experience?
Give AWESOME instructions.
Leave work that we were going to do anyway.
Have a step by step plan.
Give serious punishment to those who have name left by sub
Leave enough to keep us busy all hour
Make sure plans are totally clear.
Make sure they know what to give students...plans are clear.
Tell us about the sub work the day before
LEAVE good directions...
I polled 40 different students from various grades/levels. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM said that CLEAR DIRECTIONS were important.
What does this tell us about what students have witnessed on sub days?
It is about how we can help this amazing lady when we have to be gone!
Have you ever been a substitute?
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