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Social network

No description

shrook shamseldin

on 28 February 2015

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Transcript of Social network

During the last few years the Internet expanded to contain many applications and networking sites.

They entered our homes, enabled us to know new contents, different cultures, you can even go around the earth with just few clicks and it's all for free..

so what do you think of social networking, What does it do to our brains ?
Social networking ..
" I fear the day that technology surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of Idiots ''.
Phenomenons ..
Social network
Albert Einstein

Selfies, duck face, Dubsmash and more phenomenons that caused by the wrong usage of networking.
Selfie has created selfie monsters, people seem to scream ''look at me'' .. '' look at what I have ''.. ''look at me in a vacation'', ''look at me reading'', ''look at me drinking coffee''.
we stopped having fun, pretending we do but the fact is we don't have fun because we're busy seeking people's profiles and trying to get more thumbs up !!

Internet and social network is an incredibly information rich environment, and that's why we need it so much.

That mode of thinking crowds out the more contemplative calmer modes of thinking. And that focused calm thinking is actually how we learn.
The process of memory.
Some areas in our brains never be active unless you're doing nothing.

when you're engaged to your phone or something external these areas that involves daydreaming and thinking about our bottom feelings shut off.

when you're engaged with smartphones and Internet you're not activating those areas that are important for self reflection, reflecting on other people and allowing empathy to emerge.

Brain scans for people who are online most of time, show a similar impairment of regions that those with drug dependence have.

Because social media provides immediate rewards with very little effort required,your brain begins to rewrite itself, making you desire these stimulation, and you begin to crave more of these neurological excitement after each interaction... Sounds like a drug ?!

What does learning matter if all the information is just google search away ?!
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