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Space Exploration

The usefullness of establishing interests in space and itas attributes.

Gabriel Kelly

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Space Exploration

nasa in space The Space Programs

NASA (United States)
RFSA (Russian Federation)
JAEA (Japan)
CSA (Canada)
ESA (Europe, excluding Russia)
The Future of NASA

Plans a return to space and most likely to the moon

The Future of Space

Nasa Activists Wish to return to the moon

President Obama states that our return to the moon will be effortless, because what more can we learn without any new technology or a well funded program.

With a national crisis looming the government has cut its spendng on NASA, but still retaINS GREAT INTERESTS IN ITS SUCESSES. The Space Race

The US and USSR. Battle for superitority
Apollo land rover landed safely on the moon a returned to earth
The USSR shuttle Athena crash landed hours before Apollo and all crew perished The End of an Era

The Space race being over the US withdraws its funding for their space programs
Not before launching 2 satelites that would forever change aeronautical engineering
The Hubble Space telescope
The International Space Station The World takes the Lead in Space launching their own expeditions to explore the unknown.
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