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Study USA 2012-13

No description

Bevin O'Donnell Anderson

on 1 June 2013

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Transcript of Study USA 2012-13

Study USA 2012-2013 My Journey Chicago!! My adventures in first semester Annie... aka my awesome room mate! Adventures in Second Semester Goodbye Belfast... HELLO OHIO! After months of preparation the time had finally come for me to begin my American adventure! and so now I am Home again!! Grateful for all the experiences I have had,completely smitten with the travel bug and ready to begin the next chapter of my journey :) I knew I would miss the 'ODA clan' aka my family and my friends but I was ready to begin my journey and to explore the world! CODA aka Connie DODA aka David LODA aka Lauren So I set off feeling full of excitement and potential! When I arrived I was immediately won over
by how beautiful Mount Union's campus was! When I arrived everything was fresh and exciting, from the football stadium to the novelty of having actual drinking fountains! During the first few weeks I became very close with the rest of the international students, forming friendships that I know will last a lifetime, I now have the privilege of having friends all across the world!! Although you can't tell it here I was laughing
so hard when this photo was taken that my eyes started to water! Yael from Mexico...
he taught me how to salsa dance.. although
not well haha Our first ever football game!! My goodbye party, the day before I left Mount! Dressed to the nines for the President's welcoming dinner for international students! Me Belfast, Ireland Anais Paris, France Lauren London, England Julia and Marina
Passoa, Germany Morgane,
Po, France Jon, The Basque
Country, Spain Jessie
Bayern Germany Lisa Bayern,
Germany Johanna,
Germany Akiho, Osaka, Japan Ann,
Vietnam Travis,
Ohio, USA Yuta, Hyogo, Japan Ivan, Penang,
Malaysia All the girls getting ready for the President's dinner :) Carlos,
Mexico City,
Mexico Our final picnic
by the lake! Annie, my room mate,
Youngstown, Ohio My first study USA meet up was when we went to Chicago! We had an amazing time seeing the sights and exploring... even when the weather was awful... but then we saw
an amazing
musical which made
up for it! Kinky Boots
now showing in NY!! we learnt that there were some really really awful plays... we witnessed some political turmoil whilst in Chicago... but it didn't ruin our good time :) the fountains at the bellagio! the girls and I walking down the Vegas strip... Using what we learnt in America... This was taken right after riding the Big Drop on the top of the Stratosphere hotel... I'm pretty sure I was still shaking in fear at this stage... the view of the big drop from beneath 2,000 feet high! Annie and I became room mates in second semester when she transferred to Mount, we were really lucky to be assigned to one another as we got on brilliantly and quickly became best friends. Throughout the semester I became very close to Annie's family, staying with them often and spending Easter with them! Before I left they brought me to see Niagra Falls, which was an incredible experience! Annie's dad Ron Annie's mum Jean Niagara Falls!! Vegas!!! chilling with Obama... The Raider Programming Board and the National Association for Campus Activities Conference Raider Programming Board Whilst at Mount I was a member of the
Raider Programming Board. We organized and ran events for students across campus, including concerts, coffee evenings, comedians, little sibs weekends, Home Coming week, etc NACA conference I was one of the students chosen to attend the annual NACA conference in Nashville with RPB, it was an incredible experience, we got to meet performers from across America, watch their acts and book them to come to Mount next year! Monika and I
with the boys
from The Buried
Life A trainer
let me
hold a
gator!! Monika
and I
Villasenor The Nasvhille guitar!!! Nick and I making up our own act for Naca... Volunteering and award Whilst at Mount I was involved in the Regula Center, which did community work throughout Alliance. As part of my involvement I volunteered at events throughout the year, including working with children in a nursery school and helping out with the Martin Luther King day of Service Prize

In April I was given the privilege of being
awarded the International Student Community Service Prize and being invited the the Senior's Recognition ceremony Cayley, Carissa, Jill and I at Little Sibs
Weekend... working hard Washington New Orleans New York Boston Washington was one of my favourite places in
America!! The landscape and buildings were beautiful! In February we visited Washington... and coming from
an international
background I
was really
excited to be in
the political
heartland of
America whilst in Washington we caught up on our history, culture and also aerobic stretches... and we felt inspired in the President's gardens Washington was
one of the best
places I went to.
Visiting there has
even inspired me
to think
about trying to
study there at
post graduate level People from Study USA met up to celebrate Spring Break and St Patrick's day in New Orleans... We watched street performers... and celebrated St Patrick's day in style watching the parades and generally having the craic! times square on
Friday night! take two!! The Alice in wonderland statue in Central Park Emma Rose and I on the ferry to Staten Island after a Broadway show!! at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square in Boston we followed
the freedom trail through
the city visited Harvard University and took a
trip down
lane to
the set
of cheers we visited Fenway Park stadium and the Irish famine memorial,
these figures represent
the people who started a new life in the US we took a day trip to
the very creepy town
of Salem and learnt about the witch trials and then had a go at
being witches ourselves The goodbyes by the end of my time in America I was very sad to leave but I knew it wasn't a goodbye forever, just a 'see you later' 'Don't be dismayed by goodbyes, a farewell is necessary before you can meet again, and meeting again after moments or lifetimes is certain for those who are friends.' Richard Bach and so I said 'see you later' to
all the friends I had made to the
I had been
involved in... to my wonderful room mate and her family and to the lovely
Patti Church, a
security guard at
Mount Union who became a great
friend of mine
throughout the year
and even let me
drive around with
her in her awesome
Camero! this was a restaurant!!?? :o Julia, Ohio, USA
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