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From Pasture to Plate

No description

Katie Mouton

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of From Pasture to Plate

Adv. Animal Science

From Pasture to Plate
Meat Lesson 2
Loading and Handling of Livestock
Livestock Should be Handled With 2 Main Goals
Freedom from fear
Freedom from pain

Animals are loaded calmly into a trailer from the feedlot. Then unloaded into pens where they have free access to water but not food
Arrival at the Plant
Once in pens animals are rested and inspected by a USDA inspect

Animals are in small groups are brought from pens into the plant
Animals then go through evisceration, the removal of the internal organs.
Takes a very skilled worker
Organs are inspected by a USDA inspector
Carcasses are then split for easier movement and then graded and put in a cooler where they are cooled anywhere for 18 hours to 2 weeks before they are processed further to be sold into marketable cuts
Kill Floor
Animals walk through a series of shoots until they reach the stun box

Methods of stun:
Captive Bolt

Animal are "stuck" and bled out

Pigs go through a dehairing machine
Cattle's hide are pulled

Pale Soft Exudative in Pigs
Makes meat dry, pale and soft
Dark Cutter in Cattle and Sheep
Dark meat
Used Primarily for Cattle
Renders the animal brain dead
Used in pigs
Must be done properly or can cause bone breakage and blood splash in the meat
Stops the heart in the animal
Only Approved in pigs
No broken bones
No kicking
Singeing the hair off
The workers use a combination of a hide puller and air dehiders
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