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Tristen Fary

Emily Finerfrock

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of STUPID FAST

The year a boy goes from being called Squirrel Nut to a big shot jock!
So far I like this book. Stupid Fast is a book written for someone who really isn't into serious books. Someone who likes books that make you laugh.
STUPID FAST: The Summer I Went From a Joke To a Jock.
Geoff Herbach
The main character is Felton Reinstein: Reinstein is in high school, while going through puberty and recently started running track cause he has gotten fast from puberty.

Reinstein was always called Squirrel Nut, because he was little and jumpy by the upperclassmen.

" But last November while I was a sophomore, my voice finally dropped, and I grew hair on my legs and then I got stupid fast!"
JERRI: She is Reinstein's mother. Is a cross guard
ANDREW: Reinstein's little brother. Is in middle school.

** Extra Credit:
"Jerri- who happens to be my mom but also a big hippy who doesn't like hierarchy, so she always had me and Andrew call her by her first name."

"Right then and there I thought I would barf. I felt my insides twist and up heave into upchuck position, and my eyes bulged out of my head and I got instantly sweaty, and I opened my mouth and almost said "om shanti" but actually said "Gotta Go!" I took off jogging with jerky Ken Johnson and chuckleheaded Jason Reese."
"I ran like an angry donkey."
* Reinstein was in a bad mood in gym and actually tried during the 600 yard dash for the Fitness Test. That's when he realized he was a really fast runner.
Page 49:
Page 3:
**Ken Johnson is a cocky track runner. He is also the fastest on the team.
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