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How to use chromatography to compare lipsticks.

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Jovonee King

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of How to use chromatography to compare lipsticks.

How to use chromatography
to compare lipsticks. The paper
is placed in a liquid solvent, which is absorbed into the paper. As the solvent
moves up the paper, it carries with it the chemicals from the substance that
readily dissolve in it. A lipstick print left at the scene of a crime
can be a valuable piece of trace evidence. These chemicals travel at different speeds up the paper, and as they travel they separate. The pattern formed by the visible bands of
separated chemicals will be different for different mixtures of chemicals -- like
different brands of lipstick.
The Process take about two days That's how it's done.. No but really we're done now. You can use paper chromatography to distinguish among brands of lipstick.
In paper chromatography, a small
amount of the substance to be analyzed is placed on a strip of paper. By Jovonee K. & Alex M
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