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Time and Place

No description

Josh Bowman

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Time and Place

Women in the Middle East
Time and Place
Rule under the Taliban
1994-1996 (militia)
1996-2001 (government)
2004-present (insurgency)

Middle East
Afghanistan Yemen
Saudi Arabia

Names of those Accused
Writing about life under the Taliban
Trying to educate other women or themselves
Activism for women's right
Trying to wear nail polish
Leaving the house without a burqa
Leaving the house without permission
Names of those who went too far
What the world should do/ has done
Laura Bush talks on radio to spread awareness
UNICEF provides healthcare for women and children
U.S soldiers were sent to make sure women were protected
USAID has provided support for building schools and medical care,
Aid was sent by the U.N for educational purposes.
Ideology that justified the objective
Misogyny- Hatred of or hostility towards women.
Bibi Aisha
Malala Yousafzai
Sushmita Banerjee

Sexism- Unfair treatment of women due to them being female.
Islamism- ideology that islam should guide social and political as well as personal life
Mullah Nazir
Wali-ur Rehman
Hakimullah Mehsud
Mohammed Omar
Common Forms of Punishment
House arrest
Public embarrassment
Cutting off limbs
Homayoun Jarir
Baran Khan Kudezai
Village of Zhare
Village of Panjwai
Mullah Qayum Passanai
Passanai Court

Names of the Judges/ Courts
Intangible things that created fear
Translations of the Quran
Traditions that have not been replaced
Distrust of western civilization
Pashtunwali beliefs about living in Purdah
Tangible things that symbolized the problem
Western civilization and advancement into Middle Eastern Countries
Women's Rights Activists from other countries
What has stopped justice from being served
American forces leaving the middle east
Resources being unevenly distributed in the country
Taliban still has rule over most of these countries
Small towns have not accepted modern day reforms
Government officials are bribed to not make changes
Actionable plans to stop abuse
More international in depth news coverage
Provide social workers and red cross aid to small towns in different countries.
Make sure aid is given to the people who need it.
Hold international meetings with country leaders to pass laws to ensure the safety of women.
Keep some soldiers in the middle east for safety purposes.
Create good connections between American and Middle East leaders.
Create a place where woman who have been mistreated can report it to in safety.
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