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Go on a Journey to Biome (with Singularity Viewer)

No description

Carolyn Lowe

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Go on a Journey to Biome (with Singularity Viewer)

Carolyn Lowe, PhD
Northern Michigan University
(Clowey Greenwood)

The Journey To
with the
Singularity Viewer

Begin your journey here!
Click here to move
Getting Around
Talking to People
Make Friends
Learn More
Up moves you forward.
(middle finger)
Down moves you backward
(middle finger)
Right to turn right
(ring finger)
Left to turn left
(index finger)
Click PgUp or PgDn to fly!
fn-Up Arrow or fn-Down Arrow on Mac
Page up makes you jump or fly
Page down brings you back to earth
Camera Controls
To move your camera back and forth:
Hold down both ALT and the mouse button. Move mouse.
Up and down zooms in and out.
Right and left spins your view around
To move your camera up and down: Hold down ALT and CTRL and the mouse button. Up zooms up in the sky looking down, down goes below.
Under <Edit> select <Preferences>
Graphics Tab
Communication Tab
Click on <World>
Select <Environment Settings>
Set to Midday or the time you want
Open and Set Up your Viewer
Change Path so you can find your logs!!! Now if you want to go back and see what was said either in a chat or an IM you can find them in that folder on your computer.
Welcome to Biome!
You need to practice these skills! It's important to give yourself a little time for practice. Every skill, from riding a bike to doing math to moving an avatar, takes practice.
Practice this!!!!!
Type here and hit <Enter>
Click the Chat Bubble
to open the chat bar.
Your camera is how you view the world - not how you take a snapshot. With the camera you can look at things like a zoom without moving your body.
When you open your viewer it will look like this. This is the start screen for Second Life, a commercial virtual world. We aren't using Second Life. We have to set up the viewer to access our own virtual world.
1. click Grid Manager
2. Then click Create
3. Type (or copy and paste)
in the Login URI box
4. Type biome in the Grid Name box. Do not use capital letters. Make sure Platform is OpenSim
5. click OK
Make an account in Biome
Once you find Biome in the grid manager your screen will look like this. Log in with the account you just made. Your user name should have first and last name with a space (Clowey Greenwood).
Where the log-in page says "Agent First Name" and "Agent Last Name" they mean your avatar name. Give your avatar a first name. It can be anything you want. It doesn't have to be a "real" name at all. Mine is Clowey. Do the same with your avatar's last name. My avatar last name is Greenwood. You MUST put in an email. I Fill out the "Captcha" thing. Click <Register>. Now install a viewer. this tutorial uses the viewer Singularity.
You don't need to change the following tabs:

Audio & Video
Text Chat
Voice Chat
Grids (you already did this)
Adv. Chat
Either change the away time to 600 seconds or unclick <Go away when idle>.
General Tab
Preferences Box
If your computer is older or your graphics aren't good select <Low>
If your computer is a little better, select <Mid> to <Ultra>. If your screen flashes uncheck <Basic Shaders>.
Click all these
How to send an instant message
This world sometimes has a day/night cycle with sunrise, midday, sunset and night depending on settings. If you want it to be a different time of day, you can change it for your screen.
How to chat with the group
Making an Avatar
More Icons
Recent Items
Create Landmark
When you first log in you might be a cloud or you might look like some weird alien with white skin and pink hair. We will fix that right away! It might be easier to follow the instructions you find there but I'll put them here too.
A Few More Helpful Things
If you want to be able to return to a place you visit, make a landmark. Select <World> and then <Create Landmark Here>. You can then find your landmark in your inventory.
Using your Inventory
Your inventory is where all your "stuff" is kept. Everything you get goes there. Here's how to use it.
You can use your map to see all the islands around you. Hover over them and you will find the name of the island. Green dots are other avatars. The yellow dot is you. You can click on another island and click <Teleport> to go there. You can use the slider to zoom in or out.
The Minimap is useful for seeing around the island you are on. Again, green dots are other avatars and the yellow dot is you. You can teleport to where other people are by using the minimap. You can also tell which direction you are looking toward.
Take a picture and save it to your computer. Select the <Snapshot> button, make sure <Save to hard drive> is checked and click <Save>. Then give it a name and browse to a folder like your pictures folder. Or you can save it to your inventory and share it with other avatars.
Radar is a cool tool to find other people near you. You can use it to find nearby people to teleport to you, to IM, or teleport to them. It doesn't show people far away though.
Note that everyone within 20 meters will hear you and be able to chat with you.
Give someone something
Note: Your computer may have a little different layout. And the picture is of a PC keyboard. Mac keyboards are a little different. You will need to adapt this to your computer and whether you use an external mouse or trackpad.
To keep your chat from disappearing: Click the <Local chat> button and a box appears. You can scroll through what has been said. You can also toggle back and forth between chat and any IMs you have going on.
How to make a friend.
An instant message is a message just between two of you - you and your friend. No one else "hears" it.
Changing the time of day.
Explore your Inventory
Or you can use WASD keys. Make sure the chat bar is closed if you use WASD.
It may be easier for some to use an external mouse. I do when I can.
1. You can right click on the name over someone's head and choose <Send IM> from the pie menu.
2. You can find them in your friends list and send a message.
1.Open <Communicate> then <Friends>.
2. Click <Add>
3. Type part of their avatar name and click <OK>.
Right click on the name bubble over their head and choose <Add Friend>.
Friendship has to be accepted.
Follow the signs to where the new avatars can be found.
Click the box and "buy" it. Open your inventory and find the folder. Right click on the folder and choose <Replace Outfit>. Be patient - for some reason I'm working on, things are loading slowly. It might help to put on the shape first. The icon for shape is a square with a kind of head-shoulders in it.
Your Communicate box opens and you can then IM with that person. You can also toggle back and forth between local chat and IMs with other people.
Open an IM box and drag it from your inventory into the slot where you usually type. OR
Drag it from your inventory right to their avatar.
You can give anything in your inventory that has "transfer" permissions.
In your
go to http://biome.bio-se.info.
Click <Create Account>
For PC: Use 64 bit if you have a newer computer. Use 32 bit if you have an older computer.
For Mac use Mac. Install it.
Platform should say OpenSim
Find the icon. Open the program
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