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Do movies reflect or shape our lives?

No description

Kayee Ng

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Do movies reflect or shape our lives?

Movies address our human needs by providing us with...
Happiness and laughter
Some movies are based on historic events.
Documentaries address current issues today.
the country,
And demand for
cleaner, safer, wholesome
Movies reflect and shape our lives in many ways.
A way to escape our busy lives.
Exp: Lose yourself in the
"blissful fantasy"
of Pandora seen in
Movies inform us about important past and present issues.
Do movies REFLECT or SHAPE our lives?
By Jessica Nguyen and Kayee Ng
Animals are given antibiotics to accelerate their growth.
Most of the food we eat are just
"clever rearrangements of corn."

Over 1 million were killed in massive riots, massacres, and gang-rapes.
Issues addressed in films can influence...
the way we think
and lead us to take action.
We can start buying organic food from companies that treat...
After watching
Food, Inc.

You'll think twice before eating a hamburger.
Cows stand ankle-deep in their own waste.
hamburger meat filler cleansed with ammonium to kill e. coli
Traces of manure end up in meat products.
Never mind...
I'm not hungry anymore...
India gained independence from British Rule
and divided into a Muslim controlled Pakistan and a Hindu/Sikh controlled India.
What are some actions we can take after watching
Food, Inc.
Farmers and the environment with respect.
and the world as well.
our lives
Movies can reflect and help shape...
By providing us with with our human needs:
And influencing the way we...
and act...
Informing us about important issues around the world...
12.5 million were displaced from their ancestral homes.
and the people.
Set during the 1947 partition of India and Pakistan,
shows the impact the division had on...
- David Denby
- Michael Pollan
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