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Demi lavato (my role model)

No description

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Demi lavato (my role model)

Demi lavato (my role model)
how she has helped others
In May, 2013 she was awarded for her dedication as a mentor to young teens , and young adults, with mental health challenges, at National children's mental health awareness.
About Demi Lavato
Demi lavato is 21. She was born on August ,20 ,1992.

she began her acting career at the age of seven years old. she was on a local tv show called Barney and friends, her character name was known as Angelena.
she has been a actor since she was five years old, but her actual career started at the age of 8
when she was a little kid growing up she used to play outside in her yard with her other siblings. she loved playing sports with her siblings such as soccer.
Demi lavatos childhood
Demi Lavato had her own TV show, and has been in many movies.
demi lavato has also made and recorded many soundtracks, and made many songs.
she has taught many people to always keep your head up and always be positive.
how she is directed to helping others.
she is always telling people that they can make it, and is always hepling people.
she was always happy, and polite to the people around her. She was always positive about any situation.
how she has made in impact on society.
Demi was home schooled all the way until she graduated, because she was being bullied. She was bullied so much that she had to be home school by her mother. she graduated in 2009.
what Demi and i have in common
we both like music.
we both like singing
we both like watching tv.
we both hate bulling.
Self control
Demi lavato has self control becasue no matter what happend such as when her father died she could have scream or something but she stayed calm.
Demi respects people becasue she treats everybody the same. she respects everybody no matter what there past is. she doesnt care what there skin color is or what race they are. she is always kind hearted and nice.
how Demi respects people.
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