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Six Sigma Presentation

Patient Satisfaction Improvement project regarding the process of food delivery at Crouse hospital, Syracuse NY.

Krunal Mehta

on 21 February 2011

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Transcript of Six Sigma Presentation

Serving hot food to patients at Crouse Hospital Presented by:

Krunal Mehta
Aaron D'Souza
Priyanka Pawde
Sourendra Sharma What is the problem? Define The patients are complaining that the food is cold. The current Patient Satisfaction Score averages at only 79%. Process Map Patient Tray Delivery Schedule SIPOC Diagram Y = f(X) Diagram Output (Y) = Food delivered at appropriate temperature to the Patients.

Inputs (X):

•Speed of the tray line.
•Missed items on the food tray resulting in delays.
•The time it takes to fill the cart with trays.
•The time the tray cart keeps waiting in the kitchen.
•The time it takes to transport cart to the respected floor.
•The time the tray cart keeps waiting at the floor.
•The time it takes the tray passers to deliver the tray to patients.
•Availability of Patients in the room.
•The ordered tray is not delivered.
•Wrong food delivered to the patient causing delay.
•Error on the unique tray ticket.
•Food trays not kept in order of the patient’s room number on the cart resulting in delay. Measure Data Collection Template Data Collection Plan Minimum Sample Size Calculation Total Data Set Normality test of the data set Patient Satisfaction Score Normality test of Patient Satisfaction Data What is a defect in the process? Defect =

Total time to deliver food > Time taken for food to get cold We must measure time taken for the food to get cold Average time for the food to get cold = 30 minutes Process Capability Index (CPk) Process Capability Index (CPk) = 0.45 Sigma Level Current Sigma Level = 1.34 Analyze Deployment Chart Value Stream Mapping Root Cause Analysis:

5 why Fishbone Diagram Floor Vs. Total time to deliver Runs Chart The process of food delivery is stable and it does not have any special cause variations Time Series Plot Pie Chart The time to deliver food is more for the lower floors (4 to 6) as compared to the top floors (7 and 8) Floor Vs. Patient Satisfaction Score Top floors (7 and 8) have higher Patient satisfaction Scores
as compared to the lower floors (4, 5 and 6). Pareto Analysis

Floors Vs. No of Defects Defects lie more in the bottom floors (4 to 6) than top floors (7 and 8) Correlation Analysis Regression Analysis: Total time versus Total trays, Time to fill,...
The regression equation is
Total time = 1.75 + 0.0615 Total trays + 0.897 Time to fill the food cart
+ 0.614 Time to transport food cart
+ 0.982 Food cart wait time at floor
+ 1.00 Time to pass food to patients
Predictor Coef SE Coef T P
Constant 1.753 1.334 1.31 0.194
Total trays 0.06154 0.05050 1.22 0.008
Time to fill the food cart 0.8972 0.1034 8.68 0.000
Time to transport food cart 0.6145 0.1190 5.17 0.000
Food cart wait time at floor 0.98219 0.09558 10.28 0.000
Time to pass food to patients 1.00485 0.07206 13.94 0.000
S = 1.82506 R-Sq = 85.9% R-Sq(adj) = 84.6%
Regression Analysis Recommendations Based on the analysis of the data, the two most important factors to keep the food hot are:

1) Time to fill the cart and
2) Time to pass the food trays to the patients We must also eliminate the non-value added time:

1) Waiting time at the kitchen and
2) Waiting time at the floors. The food delivery process is started from top floor (7 and 8) because of the high turnover rate of patients.

However lower floors have higher number of patients and lower satisfaction score Improve communication from Nurse's station to the diet office regarding discharged patients, late trays and NPO's Reduce number of trays on the cart Ideal no of trays on cart = 25 We recommend not to exceed 20 trays per cart Keep the Dual Temp Cart plugged in at the kitchen and the floors There are two alternatives to the traditional food tray line system

1) Room Service System

2) POD System The advantages of Room Service System:

1) Added food choices
2) Decreased plate waste
3) Patient empowerment
4) Improved food quality, and
5) Reduced or eliminated nursing staff responsibility for meal delivery. The disadvantages of Room Service System:

1) Increased Labor cost
2) Timing is critical for this system to work Room Service System POD System The advantages of POD System are:

1) Short Assembly time
2) Increased throughput of trays
3) Improved tray accuracy Acknowledgements:

1) Jackie DeCecco
2)Maureen Fauler

1) Jackie Dececco
2) James Gagne
3) Prof Gary Lapoint
4) Luana Reeves
5) David Stout
6) Maureen Fauler
7) Supervisors and full kitchen staff. Thank you KPI Tree Diagram Improve Tray Design
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